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The Convincing Jennifer: Pixie Haircut

The car drifted to a stop in front of the salon building. We alighted, and Michael parked the vehicle properly in one of the lots while I brought Alan into the salon through the main entrance.

I have been married with Michael for two years, and Alan is our son whom I gave birth to more than a year ago. It’s been awhile since Alan got his haircut, and his rat-tail has started getting out of hand. Furthermore, he is going to start pre-school soon, thus Michael and I decided he would get a proper haircut.

As I brought Alan in, a middle-aged lady with blonde hair, whom introduced herself as Jennifer, greeted us and told me to take a seat while I wait for Alan’s hair to be cut. Meanwhile, Michael gave me a call, saying that he had to leave for an urgent matter at the company, and will be back in thirty minutes to pick Alan and me.

It was less than five minutes after sitting down when Jennifer came back promptly and called me over. ‘It seems that you’ll have to give me a hand with Alan, he’s reluctant to get his haircut.’ Jennifer explained to me. I nodded and went over with her as I saw Alan fiddling around while draped in the hairdressing cape. Jennifer unfastened the cape from Alan, and told him to stand up from the chair. She gestured for me to take a seat in Alan’s place. ‘Now I’m going to need you to hold Alan while sitting, and I’m going to fasten this cape around you so you won’t get the loose hairs all over you.’ Jennifer instructed me.

Without further ado, Jennifer draped the cape previously used on Alan around me, and fastened it snuggly around my neck. I pulled my hands out from under the cape’s cover and held onto Alan firmly as Jennifer began the cut on him.

Child Haircut with Mother

With a few combs down Alan’s back, Jennifer snipped away his rat-tail, and began trimming his hair to make it neat and tidy. It took less than ten minutes before Jennifer finished the cut on Alan, and I released my grip on him.

Just as I was about to stand up and unfasten the cape myself, Jennifer weighted down on me at my shoulders, and I sat back down in the chair. ‘It seems like you need a haircut too, madam.’ Jennifer sat. I gave a bewildered look and wanted to reject her offer, but just as I was about to speak up, she added, ‘Being a mum is hard, and it’s going to be harder to take care of Alan as he grows up. Perhaps you would prefer a no-fuss, wash & go look?’

Her words did bring a thought to my mind. Recently, it has been getting tougher to juggle both work and taking care of Alan. Besides, I haven’t been able to get my hair done lately and I sported an A-line bob, which was pretty high maintenance. It would be great to get a new hairstyle which I can spend less time on but still look decent.

‘So, what would you suggest?’ I asked Jennifer. She smiled at my reply. ‘Honestly, you have great features, and a nice pixie cut will accentuate your features very well. I can leave a nice, heavy side fringe for you as well, if you like.’ She suggested.

‘Okay, let’s do that.’ I answered, convinced by her. Jennifer beamed at my answer, and said in a seemingly high tone, ‘Alright, pixie cut with a long fringe coming up!’

I stood up straight as Jennifer fastened on the cape around my neck again, but tighter this time. She sectioned off the fringe area at my front, and pinned it down with an alligator clip so that she will not accidentally cut into that section. She combed out the unruly kinks at my back, and pinned up the upper layers with alligator clips.

Without asking for the final confirmation, Jennifer sunk her scissors into my hair at the nape area, and dislodged the first lock of hair, sending it to the salon floor. I closed my eyes and breathed in heavily, trying to pacify myself that making the cut was a right choice. Jennifer definitely was a master of her art, as she quickly snipped off the length of all the remaining layers at my back. It felt weird with very little weight left at the sides, while the front and sides were still relatively heavy.

She made her way to my sides, and snipped off at the length, sending my tresses tumbling down the cape, gathering on my lap above the cape. I drew my hands out from under the cape, and picked up a lock of my tresses. It was so long as I played around with it, knowing it would take a while before I grew out so much length again.

Just as I looked up into the mirror again, the length at the sides were gone, and in its place were two cute, thin sideburns. I was definitely shocked at sight of the sideburns, because I didn’t expect the hair to be cut so short. Nonetheless, I quickly got used to it as I observed Jennifer chop away at my locks above. She combed sections vertically up, and snipped off half the length, sending the chopped locks to join the pile already on my lap.

As she made the finishing cuts to the top section, Jennifer unpinned the fringe area, and the hair dropped down again to cover my face. I haven’t realised until this moment that I had neglected my hair so much, that the original bangs had already grown so much. With her shears, Jennifer chopped away at the section angularly, which I watched intently as the curtain in front of my eyes was snipped away. All that was left in place was a sharply angled side fringe, but I loved it nevertheless. She finished off the haircut with a trimmer to clean up the stray hairs that were now visible at the nape area.

As Jennifer unfastened the cape, the entrance opened and Michael appeared from within. Upon sight, he was apparently shocked at my transformation, but quickly commented that he loved my new haircut. I made sure to pay Jennifer a generous tip for the haircuts, and left with Michael and Alan.

Throughout the rest of the day, Michael couldn’t get his eyes off my new haircut, and caressed my short hair at the nape area from time to time. That night, we had a wonderful experience. Hell, I love my new pixie cut, no doubt about that!

Pixie Cut by Mae

Dark clouds roamed the sky as hints of lightning could be seen occasionally through the window. I was frantically bringing in all the clothes hanged out for the sun, but the unpredictable weather really gets at you sometimes. Sometimes, it gets really irritating, not that such little chores are too much to take, but because my long hair keeps getting in the way. As I struggle to bring the clothes back into the house, the frequent swaying of my long fringe around my eyes makes me rather annoyed at times. When that is not the case, my ends would usually get caught at the door or onto hooks.

It was then I decided that this misery had to end. The long hair look had to go. After giving birth to my first son, life became more fast-paced, sometimes too fast for me to cope. I needed a look that requires less maintenance, and long hair with a fringe does not fit the description, not at all.

With that, I grabbed a coat as soon as I finished bringing in all the clothes, and headed out, while the rainfall has yet to shower. Down the street, there was a lane of shops, ranging from the standard Walmart to some boutique shops that occasionally sold some unique apparel. However, these were not what I was looking for today. Near the end of the lane, I spotted the comfortably-lit sign on the wall, with ‘Unisex Salon’ engraved onto the sign. With the heave of one deep breath, I reached for the door and pushed open, entering the unisex salon.

My entrance was greeted with the smile of a young lady, whom was sitting at the reception desk just at the corner of the salon. She wore a chiffon sleeveless blouse, and coupled it with pale brown, skinny trousers. Her elaborate features were complemented by her brown hair cut in long layers. ‘Are you here for a haircut, madam?’ she asked. I nodded in reply, and she gestured for the blue salon chair situated at the corner of the small, but cozy salon.

As I took a seat, I observed briefly the décor of the salon. It was adorned with peach brown wallpaper and pale white ones on the walls that had mirrors. The lady hairdresser walked up behind me, and laid her hands gently on my shoulders as she spoke. ‘I am Mae, and how would your hair done today madam?’

‘I’ve had so much trouble with this long hair of mine. Thus, I would like to get it all cut off today.’ I answered. There, I said it.

‘Alright, do you have any idea how short do you want to go?’ Mae asked again. As my nervousness began creeping in on me, I managed a quick statement that ended the discussion immediately; ‘Just do what you think best fits me, all I want is this long hair gone by the end of my stay here.’

With that, she nodded and reached for a pale blue hairdressing cape lying on the salon chair beside me, unfolded it, and draped it over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. Without further ado, Mae got straight into business, combing out my long hair to neaten it for the cut.

After a few thorough combs through my thick locks, she positioned herself to my left, lifted my hair at the side upwards with my comb, and snipped off most of the length instantaneously! The dislodged lock of hair slid down my shoulders, and rested on the cape at my lap. The first cut had already made a dramatic difference. All that remained from the cut was an extremely short sideburn, no longer than an inch. With that commencing of the first cut, all formalities was dismissed as Mae began working around the back, before chopping off whatever was on the right side of my head.

Female Taper Haircut by Hairdresser

By then, a thick pile of chopped hair laid on my lap. As I looked into the mirror, the reflection was almost comical as it looked like a bowl cut to me. This was quickly changed as Mae began blending in the short sides and back into the longer top. Towards the end of the haircut, Mae decided to relieve me of my greatest headache; the long fringe. Drawing open the sharp jaws of her scissors, she positioned them above my eyebrows, and closed them instantly, chopping off whatever length was beneath. The curtain of hair that bothered me was finally gone as I watched it fall onto my lap.

To finish up the look, Mae reached for a tube of hair clay and applied generously to my new cut, resulting in a polished pixie cut. I loved the final result, chic, yet low maintenance for me. Mae unfastened the cape, and the long locks fell to the salon floor, covering most of the area around the salon chair I sat on. Before leaving the salon, I paid Mae for her service, together with a generous tip. She offered me her name card, and welcomed me to come back anytime. I nodded and exited the salon.

I am definitely coming back to Mae for a haircut again in the near future.

Unexpected Makeover

I took one last glance at the mirror in my room, before shying away upon the look of the terrible haircut that my hairdresser gave me just hours ago. My healthy and long black tresses were now left with an unevenly layered haircut, with the longest layer hanging just below my shoulders.

I frequented the hairdresser that gave me this terrible cut – I am a loyal customer, once I like a hairdresser’s work on me, I will probably stay on for a considerably long period of time. However, she’s been doing her job poorly lately as my last few haircuts were not satisfactory to my expectations.

I had wanted to give her one last chance this time, hoping she would give me a decent haircut. To my disappointment, she did not and this served as a sign for me – it’s time to change salons.

I immediately switched on my laptop and searched up a list of salons within the vicinity. There was one that particularly caught my eye, and there were plenty of good reviews of the hair services from the salon. I pulled up the GPS on my phone and entered in the address of the salon, and made a break for the salon instantly.

Following the GPS, I drove up to a quiet street filled with shops along the pathways of the street. It was Saturday and pretty late in the evening, thus most of the shops were already closed. I saw bright lights shine out from one of the shop windows not far ahead from my car. ‘That must be the salon.’ I thought. I parked my car beside a shop entrance some distance away from the salon because the parking lots near to the salon were already taken.

I strolled nervously along the pathway towards the salon, my heart thumping heavily away because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a new salon. As I walked up to the front of the salon, bright but warm lightings shone out from the clear windows at the front of the salon, and it was particularly quiet. ‘There is probably no business on a late Saturday, I suppose.’ I took a few heavy steps up to the salon entrance, and pulled open the door slowly.

I was instantly greeted with the pungent but familiar smell of hair chemicals, but that was quickly brought aside of my focus as I took a good look around the salon. Five black salon chairs were situated on each side of the salon, accompanied with a frameless rectangular mirror that enveloped both sides of the wall.

A young looking lady, probably in her early twenties, quickly noticed my arrival and stepped off from the front desk to greet me. ‘Hello, are you here for a haircut?’ she asked politely. ‘Yeah, it’s my second time in a salon today.’ I replied shyly as I ran my fingers through my ruined hair. She understood my point quickly. ‘Take a seat, I will be right with you.’ she said with a gentle smile. I took a seat at one of the salon chairs as she quickly emerged from a door behind the front desk.

She had now a hairdressing pouch strapped around her waist, and unfolded a white hairdressing cape as she asked, ‘So how would you like me to fix your hair, perhaps just cutting enough to get it all evened out?’

I did not have anything in mind; all I knew now was that I wanted to get rid of this terrible mess. ‘I actually don’t really have anything in mind.’ I answered honestly.

‘Well then, are you interested in getting a whole new look? Pixies are pretty in trend these days.’ she responded. I deliberated at the thought of her suggestion – I didn’t really like short hair, and I haven’t had short hair since I was 12. ‘Short hair was probably not in my agenda when I stepped into this salon, but hell, my hair was already in a mess, so why not?’ I thought after a short while.

Seeing that I was looking interested at her suggestion, she folded up my hair to give the illusion of short hair, and pulled the sides to resemble a side fringe. ‘I could cut the sides and back pretty short, but keep the top considerably long with a lengthy sideswept fringe, what do you think?’ she said, now beaming at possibility of chopping off my locks, or what’s left of it.

I was not dissuaded by her being scissors-happy; I was more interested in getting a good haircut.

‘Do it.’ I said, without any further consideration. I was shocked at my straightforwardness, especially as I am about to lose all my long tresses from the rash decision I just made!

Pleased by my decision, she then tucked a shampoo towel around my shoulders into my collar, and shook the white cape over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. Drawing a pair of sharp scissors and a long comb off her hair pouch, she combed down my hair, taming any unruly kinks that were present. My hair at the top was then sectioned off from the sides and back and pinned up with a long hairpin.

‘Schnick schnick!’ She sliced off my long locks at the back, and my head felt lighter with each snip! It is finally done, my hair is all gone. She moved on, cropping my sides and back tight to the skin, but still keeping the texture soft. As she chopped off my hair at the sides, the long tresses slid down the white cape, gathering in my lap. My eyes got wet but I was determined to not cry. It was after all, a decision I made myself.

My hair on top was then unpinned, and the long hair look was temporarily revived as the long hair on top covered the now cropped sides and back. I was quickly brought back to reality as she sectioned out a part of my long hair and ruthlessly sliced through it. A pixie look emerged quickly as she cut the remaining sections of hair off.

I was momentarily shocked at my dramatic transformation – although the look was chic, something seemed to be lacking. I needed some edge in the cut. ‘Can we go shorter on the sides and back?’ I asked her.

‘Sure, but I would have to use a clipper to get that length.’ she responded instantaneously. I nodded, as if giving her approval to do so. She grabbed the clipper off the charger stand on the narrow table in front of the chair I was on, and gently tilted my head forward to a 45 degree angle. I was then greeted with an unknown thud from the clipper – this is the first time I was getting my hair run through with a clipper! She then pushed the clipper up my nape, littering short strands of hair around my neck, gathering on the cape. A cold sensation could be felt with each pass of the clipper up my nape, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She then quickly moved to work on the two sides, driving the clipper up my temple. I took a glance at my reflection in my mirror, and was finally satisfied with the oncoming look.

My hair was finished off with some hair spray, and I now sported a chic pixie look with tightly cropped sides and back. It was a good contrast from my past long hairstyles, and as I touched my hair at the back, the short stubble gave a prickly feel, but it aroused me, mysteriously.

She then unfastened the cape, and the pile of long hair that gathered in my lap slid off onto the floor. I got off the chair, thanked her for the haircut and gave her a generous tip before exiting the salon.

As I walked towards my car, I looked into my reflection from the shop windows, and was fascinated by how feminine and elegant the pixie cut looked on me. I’m never growing my hair out again.