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No More Tangles

Jane had taken a bath, and now sat in front of her dressing table, combing through her wet long tresses. As she attempted to comb out the tangles, she accidentally pulled on a few tangled strands too harshly.

‘Ouch!’ Jane exclaimed upon the pull. She glanced at her comb, and saw the few pulled strands stuck onto the comb teeth. That brought thoughts to Jane’s mind. If she had short hair, she could be relieved of having to comb out tangles whenever she washes her hair. Furthermore, short hair is the trend for girls these days. That put Jane’s thoughts into motion.

She headed for her mum’s room, and asked, ‘Hey mum, can you drop me by the salon tomorrow morning?’ Her mum thought good of her initiative to visit the salon so as to look more presentation, and welcomed her request.

Next morning, she was all buckled up and her mum drove her to the salon downtown. Her mum said she would come get her in an hour or so, before Jane went into the salon.

Upon entrance, Wendy was just by the door, drinking some water off the dispenser. ‘Hey Jane, here to get a trim?’ Wendy asked Jane.

‘Well, not really. I was thinking of getting a pixie haircut.’ Jane replied calmly.

Salon Pixie Cut 1

‘What, are you serious? You have such beautiful, long locks…’ Wendy mourned, knowing that her efforts in keeping Jane’s hair long and healthy is about to become futile.

Salon Pixie Cut 2

Seeing that Jane is convinced she needs a pixie haircut, Wendy did not ask further, and guided her to a salon chair. Wendy brought out a Redken hairdressing cape, and draped it around Jane, tightening it snuggly around her neck.

Salon Pixie Cut 3

‘Alright, let’s take the ponytail off, before we cut the rest of the length.’ Wendy told Jane. She tied Jane’s hair firmly into a ponytail as close to her head as possible, and placed it between her shear’s jaws. ‘You ready?’ Wendy asked Jane once more, hoping that she would change her mind. Jane gave a steady nod, and Wendy knew the verdict had been given. ‘Schnick, schnick, schnick!’ sounds can be heard as Wendy’s shears sliced through Jane’s ponytail.

Salon Pixie Cut 4

Before long, the entire ponytail had been cut off, and Wendy placed it on the table. Jane’s remaining hair now cascaded around her chin area.

Wendy brought Jane to the back to wash her up, before sending her back to the chair. She combed out Jane’s locks neatly, so that the cut will be even.

Salon Pixie Cut 7

Salon Pixie Cut 8

There was no delay as Wendy got down straight to work. She made an inverted V-section at the back of Jane’s head, and worked her way to the front. Each time she segmented out pieces of hair, and snipped it about an inch from the scalp. It gradually got longer as she worked her way to the front.

Salon Pixie Cut 9

Salon Pixie Cut 11

Wendy then proceeded to connect the length on top with the sides, so that the hairstyle looks blended and clean on Jane. Jane’s loose hairs had already littered the entire cape, as Wendy continued with the cut.

Salon Pixie Cut 10

Midway, Jane had commented that the fringe was quite long, and got into her eyes. With that said Wendy came forward, sectioned out Jane’s fringe, and snipped off half the length! She combed the cut fringe to the side, and only barely reached her temple. The fringe can now barely touch even Jane’s eyebrows.

Salon Pixie Cut 12

To finish up the haircut, Wendy brought out a hair trimmer, and shaved away the loose hairs that are visible since Jane’s hair is now so short. As the trimmer shaved away the hairs, the vibration sent chills down Jane’s spine as she was unfamiliar with the cold touch.

Salon Pixie Cut 13

Wendy then completed the look with some hairspray, just to lock the shape in further. The cut already looked great on its own. She unfastened the cape, and Jane paid her at the counter. It was then her mum had come in via the front entrance.

Salon Pixie Cut 14

‘Oh my gosh! You look great, honey!’ her mum exclaimed upon sight of Jane. Jane reached up to caress her freshly cropped pixie, and loved the touch. Jane felt amazing sporting the pixie haircut, and instantly booked Wendy next month for a trim. Looks like Jane isn’t growing her hair back anytime soon.

Sarah Goes Short

Sarah pushed open the door of the barber salon, and hesitated for a moment before stepping in. She wasn’t sure this was what she wanted, but she was definitely sure this was what she needed, or at least her husband needed.

Throughout most of Sarah’s marriage, her husband had been keeping mum about his love of girls with short hair. Well, it wouldn’t be fair to say that the husband was solely at fault for keeping such a deep secret, since Sarah was a fan of growing her long luscious locks. Her husband probably was afraid of sharing his secret with Sarah for fear of affecting the marriage.

All was hidden nice and safe until one fine day, Sarah came across pictures of girls with short haircuts on his netbook, and realised his fantasies. Before long, she was here at the barber salon. To make a change. To surprise her husband.

As soon as she stepped in, a middle-aged barber attended to her. ‘Sorry, there aren’t any hairdressers available right now, unless you wouldn’t mind me doing it, since I’m just a barber.’ He said.

Sarah gave it some thought, and remembered that barbers are usually good with doing short cuts. ‘I think you are just who I need.’ Sarah replied.

The barber glowed at Sarah’s answer and gestured for the nearby salon chair. The barber salon was totally empty except for Sarah at the moment. Perhaps all the hairdressers and the rest of the barbers are out for lunch.

The barber introduced himself as Paul, as he grabbed one of the white hairdressing capes off a hook on the back wall. He came behind Sarah and draped it over her, fastening it snuggly around her neck.

‘So, what are you up for?’ Paul questioned. Sarah explained about her husband’s love for short hair on girls, and wants to surprise her husband with a short haircut. However, she wants to keep the hairstyle feminine and chic.

‘Short, but not masculine. Sure, I can do that.’ Paul replied, and briefly elaborated on the haircut Sarah will be getting. He then got down straight to work.

He pulled out the hairdryer, and blow-dry Sarah’s curly locks straight with a round brush. Upon finishing the blow-drying, Paul gathered together her locks, and tied it into high ponytail tightly, close to her occipital bone area.

Female Long to Short Haircut 1

Female Long to Short Haircut 2

The clippers were instantly drawn out thereafter. ‘Are you ready?’ Paul asked Sarah, before making the chop. Sarah nodded and Paul plunged the clippers instantaneously into the ponytail, severing off the meeting point between the clippers and Sarah’s locks.

Female Long to Short Haircut 3

Female Long to Short Haircut 4

It was then Sarah realised how thick her hair was, as Paul had some difficulty chopping the entire ponytail off in one go. He put more pressure on the clippers to try and push the clippers through, but to no avail. Resultantly, he decided to chop the ponytail at different angles, which finally did the job. Paul placed the ponytail into a zip-lock bag, and placed it on the table before continuing with the cut.

Female Long to Short Haircut 5

Female Long to Short Haircut 6

Paul repositioned himself on Sarah’s left, and combed out the entire left section. He placed the comb approximately two to three inches from her scalp, and ran the clippers over the comb, dislodging off whatever hair stood between the clippers. Sarah watched in astonishment as her dislodged tresses get chopped, and piled up on her shoulders above the cape.

Female Long to Short Haircut 7

Female Long to Short Haircut 9

Paul then worked his way around Sarah’s head, moving to the back and cutting at a connecting angle. Sarah was to get a short asymmetrical cut, with the left side cut short, while the right was kept slightly longer to preserve her femininity. As he worked her way towards the right, less length was taken off with the clippers.

Female Long to Short Haircut 12

Next, Paul used his barber shears to trim off excess length, tidying up Sarah’s look. The already short hair was cut further, especially on the left side where it was already cut very short previously by the clippers. Paul placed the scissors approximately an inch at most from the scalp and snipped away the extra length, sending tufts of cut hair down the cape, and rested in Sarah’s lap.

As he put the finishing touches to Sarah’s hairstyle, trimming the long fringe she had requested to a more appropriate length, he dusted her neck, shaved off the loose hairs at the nape area, before unfastening the cape off Sarah.

When Sarah went home that night, the husband was pleasantly surprised by her bravery in making the plunge, and she was rewarded with a night of plentiful experiences.

She didn’t grow her hair out for the many years to come, satisfied with the changes short hair brought about to her. Every now and then, when she reaches up to caress her short hair, it brought back memories of her barber salon experience, when Paul chopped off all her hair. Maybe someday, Sarah might go back to Paul to experience getting all her hair chopped off again.

Headshave for the Model

This is a sequel to the story titled Undercut Bob for the Model.

I sat comfortably on one of the stools within the studio, making minor adjustments to the model’s hair now and then, in order to ensure it stays in place for a perfect shot.

Just as I thought that the photo-shoot was coming to an end as the model made the final few postures, the director called the cameraman and model over to her side and they engaged into a brief discussion. The discussion did not last long, when the director digressed from the discussion and walked up to me.

‘Are you up for some overtime? We are doing an additional concept.’ The director briefed. I replied that I would be glad to do so and I was updated on what haircut I had to administer to the model. It turned out that they wanted to portray the model as a stern teacher, and the best haircut for that, is to shave it all off. Now that answered why the model looked a little flustered during the discussion.

The model walked back over and took a seat. The director gave instructions to shave off the longer section down with the Number 2 clipper blade, and orders are orders, despite how I really loved the undercut bob.

Female Studio Headshave 1

Female Studio Headshave 2

I pulled out the clippers once again, and attached the Number 2 blade on. With a few combs through the hair, I plunged it backwards horizontally from the side of her nape, and the locks quickly gave way, tumbling down onto her shoulders and lap. She watched in astonishment as the top was left with reddish stubble that was slightly longer than the sides and back. I made short work of her hair as I made multiple passes quickly across her head, severing whatever comes between the clipper blades.

Female Studio Headshave 3

Female Studio Headshave 5

I reattached the Number 1 blade onto the clipper, and began to neaten up the look by tapering her back and sides higher. She seemed to be enjoying the haircut as she occasionally smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

Female Studio Headshave 6

The haircut was done sooner than I had thought, and I returned to take a rest as the model took to the stage for the 2nd round of the photo-shoot. The shaved look was perfect, perhaps even better than the undercut bob. Consequently, the shots came out great, and the model finally left, leaving behind all her red hair that littered the studio floors. As I swept away the pile of hair, reminiscences of her getting shaved aroused me strongly. Perhaps the model wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching her head get shaved.

Female Studio Headshave 8

Undercut Bob for the Model

The studio lighting kits were all in place, and so was the backdrop. The team consisting of the director, cameraman as well as me, the hair and makeup artist, met up hours before to discuss the concept of the photo-shoot later this afternoon.

The model coming in this afternoon was a redhead with fair skin, and is relatively slender in figure. We decided on the concept of a chic but strong look.

The afternoon arrived quickly, and the cameraman made his final checks on the equipment as the director and I awaited the model’s arrival. It didn’t take long before the lift entrance opened, and the model arrived at our studio. We greeted her warmheartedly to get her settled in quickly, and we got her to the styling area after explaining to her our concept for today’s shoot.

She sat on the chair, looking nervously at her reflection in the mirror, fearing it would be her last time seeing the long red locks she had in a long while. It was true though, for our concept, we were planning to go for an extreme undercut bob.

I walked up to her, relieving her daze at her reflection in the mirror. ‘Alright, let’s do this then.’ The model told me, almost emotionless that it gave me the chills. Nonetheless, I started on my work as I sectioned off her crown area, and pinned it up high, similar to a topknot.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 1

Next, I picked up the pair of clippers off the front table, and took the hairdressing comb out of my pouch, and combed briefly through the sides and back to detangle the knots in her hair.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 2

Female Studio 2B Haircut 3

Without further ado, I turned on the clippers, unleashing a thud, and placed it at the forefront of her temple on her right, and drove them towards the back horizontally. Subsequently, I repeated the motion back and forth, dislodging her red tresses off her right side, sending them to the floor. The model forced a smile, but looked flabbergasted at losing so much hair, but I continued nevertheless.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 4

I moved on to her back, and shaved off everything, up till where the crown section was, before making quick work of what’s left on the other side. I shaved it all off ruthlessly from temple towards the back, sending the sheared hair tumbling down her blouse, gathering on her lap. It was then she began regaining that beautiful smile of hers, after she realised that shaving all that long, dull hair of hers accentuated her facial features very much.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 5

After cleaning up the back and sides, I unpinned the crown section, and wet it with a spray bottle since we do not have a washing area within the studio. I combed her remaining hair to her left, and then sectioned it at the occipital bone into a front and back section. I snipped off about half the length in the front section, but went even shorter at the back section, leaving approximately four to five inches at most.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 6

By the time I was almost done with her hair and began styling, she was all smiles at the beautiful masterpiece I had crafted on her head. Seeing my client’s smiles will always bring me the greatest satisfaction.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 8

As I made the finishing touches to her new hairstyle, the director came over and passed her the apparel she needed to model for the shoot. She excused herself briefly before returning with the apparel worn on.

Female Studio Makeup

As she already had great skin, I only had to apply some mascara and eye shadow, as well as a peach-coloured lip gloss, and she was good to go. With that, I finished my duty for the shoot and sat back to observe the photo-shoot.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 9

High & Tight for Graduation Night

The school bell rang, and I packed up my books before vacating the classroom. I’ve been clearing up my locker as well, since graduation day is less than 48 hours away.

As I strolled home along the pavement of shops that led to my home just a few blocks down, I wonder what hairstyle I should get for graduation night. Graduation night is always the night for girls to shine in their best outfits, and of course a complementing hairstyle as well. However, I didn’t appeal well, especially with my long straggly mane that looks nothing but dull in the eyes of others.

Just as I almost fell too deep into thought, I passed by a barbershop, and there was a middle-aged lady getting her haircut by a barberette. At hindsight, it was probably just another simple trim that the ladies around town usually get. However, as I took a closer look, I realised the barberette were using clippers to give the lady a high & tight haircut! It was so short that I could see her scalp through the blonde stubble on the sides and back.

High & Tight Female Haircut by Barberette

That gave me an idea. Perhaps a high & tight haircut is what I need. Furthermore, short haircuts are the blaze these days with famous idols such as Anne Hathaway sporting similar styles as well. Getting a super short hairstyle like a high & tight haircut will certainly garner attention for graduation night.

With my fingers crossed, I pushed open the barbershop door and entered. I stood on the bench beside the window as there was only one barber chair, and it was being used by the barberette for the lady’s haircut. I was mesmerised by how the super short haircut could look still look chic on a female’s head. I was convinced that I needed the same haircut.

As the barberette used a trimmer to clean up the stray hairs at the lady’s nape, I knew my turn was coming up next. True enough, she gave the lady’s neck a brush, and sent her off upon receiving payment. After oiling her clippers briefly and brushing the chair, she looked over and gestured for me to take a seat.

Upon taking a seat on the barber chair, the barberette took from the shelf a red pin-striped cape, and draped it over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. As she pumped up the chair to a more appropriate height, she asked simultaneously: ‘So, is it just a trim for you today?’

I deliberated for a moment, considering one last time whether I should go for the high & tight look. My mind was all set; it was time to get rid of my long locks. ‘Erm, I was actually thinking of getting the same haircut as the previous lady.’ I replied.

‘Yeah, we could do that. A high & tight haircut will fit you nicely as your features will then be more accentuated without all these long locks framing your face.’ The barberette answered.

With that said, she refastened the cape, this time tighter on my neck. She grabbed the pair of clippers off the hook, brushed the blades briefly, and turned it on with a thud. ‘Are you ready?’ the barberette asked as combed through my long tresses.

It seems as though I can never get ready, but decides to give her the go sign anyways. I nodded, and she brought the clippers to my nape area, and drove the clippers brutally upwards, sending the dislodged locks of hair down to the floor. It definitely seems like barbers and barberettes are masters of the clippers, as I saw how skillfully she worked her way around my head, shearing off all my tresses, leaving super short stubble in its path.

After she relieved me of my locks on the sides and back, she switched the attachment on the clippers to a longer one, and plunged the clippers down my hairline straight from the forehead to the back. I was astonished as I saw my originally thick hair being shorn away in the mirror. The barberette made the pain I had to suffer short as she quickly crop off the rest of the length on top, leaving slightly more than half an inch at most.

Following that, she removed the attachment, and cleaned up the stray hairs at my nape. It was strangely arousing as the vibrations of the clipper blades touched my nape. With the clippers, she shaved away part of my sides, leaving a thin sideburn behind.

With that, she unfastened the cape, and brushed away the stray hairs on my face and neck. I stared into the mirror intently, trying to get used to my new look. I caressed my super short hair as I realised how true the barberette’s words were. My facial features were indeed much more accentuated after chopping away my long locks! Additionally, the stubbly hair is so nice to caress, slightly prickly but soft to the touch. I thanked her for my amazing makeover, and made sure to pay her a good tip.

Indeed, my new hairstyle caught the eyes of many during graduation night. To complete my look that night, I paired the high & tight haircut with a tight-fitting white gown that flaunted my S-line figure. Many could not take their eyes off me.

I think I will be visiting the barberette again soon to maintain this hairstyle.

Modeling in the City

I entered what looked like a transportation cart fully framed of metal, but what was significantly different were the circular donuts made of a rubber-like material that drove it.

My name is Jane, and I lived my life in the rural areas by the seaside, until recently when a men dressed smartly in a suit walked up to me one day, and offered me a job opportunity of what he describes as being a ‘model’. I wasn’t interested initially, but life was tough then in the rural areas with the poor harvests and I was promised a significant fee for my work.

That was about a week ago, I am now sitting within the metal cart, and on the way to the urban part of the state for the first time. I wasn’t used to the bumpiness of the vehicle, which the driver termed as a ‘car’.

After about an hour, the car pulled to a halt. The sudden stop broke inertia and pushed me forward, causing me to lean forward sharply, almost knocking my head against the chair in front. The driver laughed at me for my silliness, and it made me so embarrassed.

‘We have reached, just walk through that entrance on our right and they will get started on you. I will wait for you here until you are done before you meet your future boss.’ The driver said.

I pulled what seems to be a lever on the side of the seat, and a door gave way, allowing me to exit the vehicle. I lifted myself off the seat, and closed the door carefully, ensuring that my floral dress does not get caught between the gaps.

Upon stepping out, I was greeted with blowing strong winds. My long black tresses that were originally neatly combed became tousled in an instant. I walked up a short flight of stairs, and was immediately met with another door with a lever-like handle. I gave it a pull and the door gave way.

What surprised me here was the immediate gush of a chemical-like smell emitting from within. Nevertheless, I walked in cautiously, and marveled at what I just saw.

There were black leather chairs, framed with a metallic stand and hand supports. I have never seen one of those. Then there were those huge mirrors that could reflect one’s entire reflections. A young lady that seemed to be in her early twenties immediately took notice of my entrance and stepped forward to attend to me.

‘Hi, you must be Jane? They told me you were coming. Take a seat, and I will be right with you in a minute.’ She said, gesturing towards one of the black leather chairs. I gave a nod and walked over to take a seat.

The chair was so comfortable, unlike any of the wooden chairs back home. I looked around while making myself comfortable, and noticed there wasn’t anyone else here except the lady who greeted me earlier. Nonetheless, I waited patiently for the lady to come back.

Just then, she emerged from a door behind the desk, holding on to some tools I haven’t seen before in my entire life. She walked up behind me and turned me to face the mirror.

‘I hope you are ready, this is going to be a radical change for you, but don’t be nervous. I’m sure you will look great after the cut. My name’s Mae by the way.’ She said.

‘Cut, what cut?’ I thought. ‘Sorry, what do you mean by the cut?’ I asked.

‘A haircut of course, what else.’ She replied.

What is a haircut? Do they actually cut their hair here in the urban part of the country? Back at home, everyone grows their hair out and thus I was not familiar to the concept of cutting hair. It was also then that I noticed that Mae sported hair that looked really different from what other girls do back in the rural areas. Her hair had length that reached her chin briefly, and was at a sharp angle, with the front longer and progressively shorter towards the back.

I reached up to caress my long black mane, fearing that it may be my last. Mae looked surprised at my astonishment about cutting hair.

She pulled one of the shelves in a cabinet situated opposite the chairs, and took out what seemed to be a cape. It was pale white in colour, and glistened dimly in the warm lights. She walked behind me once again, and draped the cape over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. The cape reads ‘MATRIX’ on it through the mirror and laid gently over me entirely, with hints of my floral dress showing through the translucency of the cape. It felt silky and cooling on the skin, I instantly fell in love with getting caped.

Mae then went back to the cabinet, and squeezed out some solution from a tube into what seemed like a mixing bowl made of plastic. She pulled another shelf as well and took out a dark brown towel and put both items onto a pushcart just beside the cabinet.

She pushed the cart up right beside me, and laid the towel around my neck as well, securing it in place with a long hairpin. She then proceeded to make a parting down the centre of my head, and starting adding the solution from the bowl onto the part. Each time the parting was filled with the solution, she would resection my hair to form another parting, and repeated the same procedure. Gradually, she was done with my entire head of hair, and it was now fully soaked in the solution.

Just as Mae was done with applying the solution, the door opened and a young man, probably in his teenage years entered. Mae passed me a magazine and told me to wait for about thirty minutes, before proceeding to greet the man. I wasn’t really literate, so I pretended to browse the pages, but I was focusing on what Mae was going to do with the man.

The man took a seat beside me on another chair, and Mae went to take another cape off the cabinet. She draped the white cape over him as well, and started a short conversation with him. Since they were right beside me, I could eavesdrop on their conversation.

‘So, how do you want it cut sir?’ Mae asked the man with a grin.

‘The summer’s coming, so I’ve decided to get a buzzcut.’ He replied.

‘Alright, but how short do you want to go? #1 perhaps?’ she questioned again. The man gave a slight nod and Mae picked up a metallic tool with teeth at its end off the table in front of the chair. What is that metallic tool? And what is a #1 cut or a buzzcut? All these questions kept popping up in my head.

The man had hair of reasonable length, it was curly and kinky, but would probably reach his shoulders if it gets pulled straight down.

The tool then came alive with a thud, and Mae gestured for the man to tilt his head forward. He submitted to her request, as if he was a sheep waiting to be shorn by Mae. True enough, the tool was pushed from his nape all the way up to the occipital bone, and only short stubble remained in its path!

Clumps of his curly hair tumbled down to the floor as Mae continues her work, cropping off all his hair at the back to nothing but short stubble. And it isn’t just short, it is very short, so short I could see hints of his scalp hidden beneath the stubble.

Mae then repositioned herself between me and the man, and my view of the arousing scene was temporarily blocked. I didn’t know why I was getting aroused by watching him get his hair cropped by that tool, but I am certainly enjoying it.

When Mae moved on to work on his right side, vision was regained and I was greeted with more stubble on his side. Everything was cropped off, even the sideburns!

Finally, Mae ran the tool over his mop on the top, and lumps of curly hair fell into his lap. Mae quickly made a few more passes over the top to get a clean cut, and the man seemed satisfied by his new look. He smiled at Mae as she unfastened the cape, and gently removed it off his lap to prevent any stray hair to get onto his clothes. He handed her a bill and headed for the door.

With all that focus on the man earlier, I had neglected my own situation. When I returned my gaze to the mirror, I was shocked at what I saw! Instead of the usual hue of natural black, my hair is now a light, platinum-shaded blonde colour! It was also then Mae returned to check on my hair, and asked me to follow her behind.

Behind a curtain was a washing basin with a seat attached to it. She gestured for me to lie down on the seat, and I did, relaxing my head on the opening of the basin. Warm water soothed my scalp of the stinging pain from the solution earlier as she rinsed it all off. Mae then detached the towel off my neck and wiped my hair to rid of some dampness so that water wouldn’t drip onto my face. The towel was then wrapped around my hair and then I was escorted back to the seat.

She combed my new blonde tresses down straight, and made a centre-parting similar to what she did earlier. Only this time, no solution was going to be added. She took a pair of sharp silver scissors off a pouch she attached around her waist.

With one final comb down my nape, she positioned the scissors slightly below my hairline and made the cut. It felt lighter instantaneously. Mae then continued cutting at my back, but seemed like doing it at an angle this time. Anxiety built as I couldn’t see what was going on behind.

Mae then moved to my left side, and combed my tresses down straight to get a clean cut. This time round, I could get a glimpse of how short it was going to be. She put the scissors to my chin, and made the cut! With a snip, layers of long blonde hair fell into my lap. I restrained the tears as I watched Mae butcher the other side as well. ‘Years of growing, gone in minutes.’ I thought.

A final triangular section was then drawn at the front, and Mae combed it straight down my forehead. It laid down flat, covering my face all the way to my lips. Mae told me to sit straight so she could get an even cut at the front, and so I did, fearful of the thought of getting more chopped off if she couldn’t get it evened out.

The scissors came in at eyebrow level and snapped shut, dislodging off the length all the way from the eyebrow downwards. Lumps of blonde hair had piled up on my lap above the cape. With that final cut, she concluded the haircut.

The haircut gave me a fresh look. The front hair, which the metropolitans have coined as ‘bangs’, helped bring focus to my blue, huge eyes. The chin-length haircut also framed my otherwise roundish face nicely. However, I had a strange fascination overcome me. I wanted to get my head cropped just like that man earlier.

‘Actually, I was hoping you give me the same treatment as that man earlier.’ I daringly requested from Mae. As if in shock, she asked. ‘Why? This new chin-length bob suits you very well!’

‘I’ve had long hair all my life, so I thought that maybe I should try living without any for some time.’ I replied.

She considered my suggestion for a moment, and then answered. ‘Alright, but I will not be held responsible for anything.’ I nodded as if in agreement.

Mae then refastened the cape, this time tighter so that loose hairs won’t go through. ‘This is a clipper, in case you didn’t know what it was.’ Mae said. Although the blonde look wasn’t too shabby, it had to go. She picked up the clipper, and turned it on.

Without further ado, she put it to my forehead, and drove it straight back, leaving a path of blonde stubble behind. I giggled at my odd look. More passes were quickly made over the top, removing any trace of the freshly-cut bob. The cold metal gave an arousing sensation when pushed against the skin, so arousing I could hardly breathe.

With a few final passes, I was left with a head of blonde stubble. The colour was so light that at this length, I looked almost bald. I lifted my hands off the cape and touched my head. The short and soft stubble felt good to the touch, arousing me further.

It was then the door opened again, this time with a silhouette that looked familiar. It was him. It was the boss.

‘So it seems there was a slight change of plan in your makeover. But I love it.’ he expressed.

I couldn’t grow out my hair ever since.

Unexpected Makeover

I took a lengthy glance into the mirror, deliberating on my options. I was sitting by the dressing table of my room, scared and angry emotions brewing simultaneously. I took one last peer at my reflection in the mirror, before shying away in deep disappointment. Why? Because of this terrible haircut that my hairdresser just did for me barely hours ago. My originally healthy and long black tresses were relentlessly assaulted by her, leaving me with a severely uneven haircut, with the longest layer hanging just below my shoulders. She must have been feeling scissors-happy, but I was no pushover. That was the last time I frequented her.

I was once a loyal customer of hers. I as an individual, value myself greatly on loyalty. If I like a hairdresser’s work, I would have definitel stuck on and continue to patronise her services for a considerably long period of time. However, the haircuts that she have been performing for me in the past few appointments was nothing but horrendous. I had already given her chances repeatedly to rebuild my trust in her, hoping she would eventually return to her best, the standards which she maintained at first to earn my loyalty, but it was ultimately to no avail.

This appointment was the last opportunity that I could afford to give her to salvage the situation and restore my trust in her. It was a severe letdown that she did not, but I have grown to accept that. After all, it also served as an imminent sign – it’s time for me to change salons.

I immediately switched on my laptop and searched up a list of hair salons within the vicinity. There was one that particularly caught my eye, and there were plenty of good reviews of the hair services from the salon. I pulled up the GPS on my phone and entered in the address of the salon, and made a break for the salon instantly.

Following the GPS, I drove up to a quiet street filled with shops along the pathways of the street. It was Saturday and pretty late in the evening, thus most of the shops were already closed. I was resigned and thought that it was too late into the night, and the hair salon would have probably closed. Just then, I saw warm lights ematting from one of the shop windows not far ahead from my car.

‘That must be the hair salon.’ I thought. I decided to park my car nearby, at a lot just beside a shop house some distance away from the salon because the parking lots near to the salon were already all occupied.

I strolled nervously along the pathway towards the salon, my heart thumping heavily away because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a new salon. As I walked up to the front entrance of the salon, the warm lightings became more vibrant. It however, seemed pretty quiet for a hair salon supposedly raved by its clients online. ‘There was probably not as much business on a late Saturday,’ I supposed. I took a few heavy steps up to the salon entrance, and pulled open the door slowly.


I was instantly greeted with the pungent but familiar smell of hair chemicals, but my main focus was quickly drawn to the decor as I took a good look around the hair salon. Five black salon chairs were situated on each side of the salon, accompanied with a frameless rectangular mirror that enveloped both sides of the wall.

A young looking lady, probably in her early twenties, quickly noticed my arrival and stepped off from the front desk to greet me. ‘Hello, are you here for a haircut?’ she asked politely. ‘Yeah, it’s well, actually my second time in a salon today.’ I replied shyly as I ran my fingers through my rattled head of hair. She seemed to have understood my point quickly. ‘Take a seat, I will be right with you.’ she said with a smile. I took a seat at one of the salon chairs as she quickly emerged again, from a door just behind the front desk.

She had returned with a hairdressing pouch strapped around her waist, and began to unfold a neatly ironed hairdressing cape that was white in colour. Simultaneously, she began a series of questions about my hair. Basic hair salon procedure, where hairdressers find out about colour and chemical history, how often a client styles her hair and more. These questions were important for a hairdresser to formulate the final hairstyle for a client.

I answered honestly as she questioned, but when asked if I had any particular end-look in mind, I couldn’t answer. All I knew momentarily was that I wanted to get rid of this terrible mess on my head. It was so uncomfortable to live with my hair like this, I would rather hack it all off super short. At least then, it would look neater and feel cleaner.

‘Hmm, it seems like I may be able to create a hairstyle fitting for you. Would you be interested in getting a hair makeover? Pixies are pretty trendy these days, easy to style and look neat,’ she proposed after learning sufficiently about my hair after the quizzing. I deliberated at her sudden suggestion, but was not going to refuse her outright – I certainly did not expect to get my hair cut that short, and I actually haven’t had short hair since I was 12. At this stage, I was actually surprised that I was actually considering her suggestion, despite how much I loved keeping a thick head of long locks.

Seeing that I was not immediately put off by her suggestion as most long-haired customers would, she folded up my hair to give off the illusion of short hair on me, and pulled the front towards the side to resemble a side fringe. Brilliant marketing, letting the client know what she is in for before actually getting it.  ‘I could cut the sides and back pretty close, but keep the top section considerably longer with a sideswept fringe,’ she said with an almost questioning tone. She was beaming now, with the prospect of chopping off whatever is left of my locks very possible.

I was however, not dissuaded by her behaviour. It didn’t matter to me too much that she as the hairdresser wanted me to do the pixie cut so badly. In fact, I appreciated it. At least in such a case, I would trust that she would do a good job with my hair. I was not going to experience a second hair disaster within a single day. I had made up my mind.

‘Okay, I want you to do it, show me your best,’ I said, without any further consideration. I was shocked at my straightforwardness, and wondered whether I should have doubted myself a little more. I was about to lose all my long tresses from this rash decision I made, hopefully not one on a moment of folly!

Pleased by my decision, she then tucked a shampoo towel around my shoulders into my collar, and shook the white cape over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. Drawing a pair of sharp scissors and a long comb out from her hair pouch, she combed out my hair, taming any unruly kinks that were present. My hair at the top was then sectioned off from the sides and back and pinned up with a long hairpin.

‘Schnick schnick!’ She sliced off my long locks at the back, and my head almost felt lighter instantaneously! It had finally began, the chopping of the locks that had accompanied me for many years. She moved on, cropping my sides and back tight to the skin, but still keeping the texture soft. As she chopped off my hair at the sides, the long tresses slid down the white cape, gathering in my lap. My eyes got wet but I was determined to not cry. It was after all, a decision that I had made for myself.

The top section was then unpinned, and the long hair on top draped down over the now cropped sides and back. For a moment, it looked as if nothing had been cut as of yet, with the long locks covering the chopped sections. I was however, quickly brought back to reality as she sectioned out a part of my long hair and ruthlessly sliced through it. A pixie cut began to take shape as she gradually snipped the remaining sections of long hair off.

I was momentarily shocked at my dramatic transformation. It was a little bit of a bittersweet emotion – although the look was chic and certainly suited me, I felt that something still seemed to be lacking. I needed some edge in the cut.

‘Can we go shorter on the sides and back?’ I asked the hairdresser.

‘Sure, but I would have to use a pair of hair clippers to get that sort of length even throughout.’ she responded instantaneously. I nodded, providing her with the approval to carry on as she desired. She grabbed a pair of battery-operated clippers off the charger stand on the narrow table in front of the chair, and gently tilted my head forward to a 45 degree angle. I was then greeted with a sudden thud from the hair clippers – this was the first time I was going to get my hair cut with a pair of hair clippers. She pushed the clippers straight up my nape, littering short strands of hair around my neck, gathering on the cape. A cold sensation could be felt with each pass of the clipper up my nape, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She then quickly moved to work on the two sides, driving the tool up my temple. I took a glance at my reflection in my mirror, and was finally beginning to be satisfied with the oncoming look.

My hair was finished off with some hair spray, and I was now sporting a chic pixie look with tightly cropped sides and back. It was a good contrast from my past, where I favoured long hairstyles for a prolonged period of time. Despte that, as I touched my hair at the back, the short stubble gave a prickly feel, and it aroused me, mysteriously. One thing was for sure, my long hair days were not coming back anytime in the near future.

She then unfastened the cape, and the pile of long hair that gathered in my lap slid off onto the floor. I got off the chair, thanked her for the haircut and gave her a generous tip before exiting the salon.

As I walked towards the lot I had parked my car at, I gazed at my reflection from the shop windows, and was fascinated by how feminine and elegant the pixie cut looked. I was thankful that this ordeal was now over, and pleased I have discovered a hairdresser that I could place my faith in again.