24/03/2014 11.38AM GMT/UTC+8
Haircut Stories is revamped with a new theme, colour scheme & header image. Janice & The Express Salon (Chapter 3) has also just been released. We hope the readers are enjoying the series & look forward to the story’s epilogue as we work on publishing it as soon as possible. Lastly, for those that noticed, our presentation format has changed slightly. The website now features 6 of the latest & most popular stories at the main page. Thank you for your attention!
05/10/2013 2.03PM GMT/UTC+8
We understand that the viewers of Haircut Stories have not been getting any updates here for a couple of months. This is because the previous author going by the pen name of Anonymous have ceased the management of Haircut Stories. The blog has been taken over & now managed by Kin EMJX. We are excited to present to you an overhaul of the blog visuals, and are working to release a new feature of Haircut Stories here soon. Stay tuned for the update!
03/6/2013 1.11AM GMT/UTC+8
After a long hiatus, the writer of Haircut Stories has decided to reward the loyal readers with a new story. We hope Alyssa’s Mystery will be to the liking of our viewers. For any requests, please contact us via the website’s Make a Request page. We cannot guarantee when the request will be fulfilled, but we are always checking back time to time. Thank you.
24/5/2013 4.01PM GMT/UTC+8
Today is Vesak Day. The writer wishes all a happy Vesak Day. This announcement is also to notify all visitors that the writer has taken some time off to make some changes to Haircut Stories. A new tab has been added to the header, which is the List of Stories. Visitors can either click on it directly to browse a page with all the stories listed and their genre, or just hover over the tab directly and the list will appear. The stories will be displayed in alphabetical order from A – Z if you choose to use the hover method. Thank you for the continuous support. We truly appreciate it!
18/5/2013 2.04PM GMT/UTC+8
On May 10, our site has managed to hit a record high of visitors, a whopping estimated 3.5% of our entire viewer population since open launch, in a single day. The writer of Haircut Stories is heartened by the continuous support even after going on a semi-permanent hiatus. Thank you so much for all the support.
10/3/2013 9:18PM GMT/UTC+8
To the amazing group of readers that visit Haircut Stories, you may have noticed that the frequency of stories posted have been scaled down. This is mainly because the owner cum writer of the blog is currently upholding a greater responsibility in real life for the next few months, and thus have less time to write. We seek your understanding on this issue. In the meantime, we hope you can continue to support us by checking back frequently, or even provide suggestions via our Make a Request page. Thank you very much.
11/2/2013 12:47PM GMT/UTC+8
Dear all, the Make a Request page has been added to Haircut Stories! Do submit your requests at this new page and the owner just might post stories catering to your requests!
11/2/2013 12:45PM GMT/UTC+8
All future updates regarding Haircut Stories will be announced via this page.