Janice & The Express Salon (Chapter 3)

“Sam, get over here right now!” Janice remarked angrily as he spotted his presence by the entrance of the express hair salon. She was infuriated by Sam’s broken promise of returning on time for his haircut. Janice stepped off the barber chair and headed straight for Sam, grabbing him by his arm and dragged him straight out to avoid creating a commotion for the customers waiting for their turn.

Sam unknowingly, seemed frustrated at Janice’s anger, since he had not noticed that half her head of long locks were being shorn off. The shaven sides were still covered by her incredibly long locks at the top. “Why are you shouting at me? I was a little late, but shit did not happen within the few minutes in difference right?” Sam retaliated. Janice remarked again that he was late by in fact, a total of fifteen minutes, enough for the barber to shave half her head.

She lifted her locks by the top to show Sam how severely short the shaven sides were. The previously flowing long hair was nothing but super short stubble that allowed a clear peek at Janice’s scalp. Sam was taken aback at the sight of Janice’s plight, and bobbed his head downwards, an act of regret and guilt.

She however, found no comfort in leveraging on Sam’s guilt. After all, there is nothing Sam can do or act to return her the long flowing hair she had. Only time could. But in the meantime, she wanted to teach Sam a lesson, and this time round, in a devilish manner. “You will now do as I say, or if word gets to mum, you are so dead for getting me into this shape,” Janice ordered Sam. Out of pure remorse, Sam nodded in obedience.

Janice then grabbed Sam tightly by his arm again, and pulled him towards the other side of the mall strip. At the far end of the mall, near the entrance into the residential district, a traditional two-seater barbershop laid, serving the older men that live in the area. Today, they will have the pleasure of serving a young man with a severe haircut.

Just by the door into the barbershop, Janice turned towards Sam again, face still seemingly annoyed. She however held it in, and issued instructions to Sam. “You will go in there, and ask for a #1 buzzcut. Following, request for a total head shave with the straight razor and warm shaving cream.” Janice ordered Sam.

Sam seemed flabbergasted at Janice’s request, instantaneously reaching up to caress his thick, curly head of brunette locks. He was after all, not very familiar with barbershop culture as he was brought up getting his haircuts at hair salons. Janice reassured him that it was going to be over in moments and that she would follow him in if that might make him feel better. Amidst her anger and intention to punish Sam for his wilfulness that caused her to lose much of her hair, the kinship between them as brother and sister still existed. Reassured by Janice, Sam nodded and entered the barbershop. Janice followed right behind, and signaled to the nearest barber that she was simply accompanying Sam.


The barbershop had two barbers on duty, one male and female. The man was in his mid-thirties, working on one of their seemingly regular customers, a retired man who was obviously balding by the top. The other was a barberette in actual fact, and she sat on the vacant barber chair. The barber whom Janice signaled, named Wesley, called out to Roxanne, who had not taken notice of her incoming victim.

Upon noticing the arrival of Sam and Janice, Roxanne rose from the barber chair and gave it a few pats while maintaining eye contact with Sam. He moved forward and took a seat on the barber chair, a little uncomfortable with the ambience of the barbershop. Feeling awkward, he took a few glances at Roxanne as she prepped her tools to serve Sam. She looked to be in her late twenties, and was dressed modestly but fashionably. Roxanne donned a plan pullover of a bright turquoise shade, and paired it with washed out skinnies. Her hair was trendily cut in a one-length bob with some layers cut in, and was blown dry to curve slightly inwards in a C-curl. Roxanne was overall, very demure and feminine, making many question why she would work in such a masculine environment such as a barbershop, when she would fit much better in a hair salon.

Sam grasped the arm support of the chrome barber chair as he awaited his unescapable fate of being shorn by Roxanne. Roxanne gave her pair of clippers a final few brushes and some oiling before she hung it back by the hook. She then positioned herself behind Sam, ready to serve. “So, haircut for you young man?” Roxanne asked Sam courteously with a gentle smile. Sam, still quite unsure of going ahead with this initially, took a glance at Janice again via the mirror, and saw a menacingly annoyed figure. He had no choice. “Umm, I would like a buzz, buzzcut using a #1 and then a full head shave with the straight razor.” Sam answered stutteringly.

“Wow, okay. You will look great being totally shaved, trust me.” Roxanne remarked. She then lifted the barber cape that was hung over the barber chair Sam sat on. The cape was a plain white haircutting cape, and had minimal detail except for black lining by the neck and the corners of the cape. Before caping Sam, she reached for a roll of neck strip, tore a piece and wrapped it tightly around Sam’s neck. The cape was then tossed over Sam, and fastened snuggly over the neck strip. The width of neck strip that was not covered by the cape was then folded down over the cape.

Sam started to feel nervous, since it was the first time he was getting all his hair shaved off. Heck, this was probably the first time in a long while Sam would be having hair shorter than what he had right now. Usually, his hair would be much longer, close to shoulder length.

Roxanne gave the chair a few pumps to align Sam’s head better with the mirror, before stepping forward to reach for her pair of clippers by the hook. She turned it on with a thud, gave it a few brushes before stepping back behind Sam again. Without room for conversation or words, Roxanne simply combed through Sam’s unruly locks towards the back. As she tugged at his curly mane that almost refused to budge to Roxanne’s comb, his forehead was revealed as Roxanne continuously combed it backwards. When Roxanne finally rid his mane of the tangles, the pair of clippers was put to work. She placed them by Sam’s hairline by the front, and pushed it backwards straight from hairline to the crown. The clippers changed tune as it sliced through Sam’s locks, revealing a wide strip of stubble in the area it went through. Janice watched in astonishment, and almost started to cum mysteriously. She was surprised by her reaction, but held it back.

Roxanne unsparingly, continued with her task. She repositioned the clippers by the hairline, this time beside the shorn area, and pushed backwards once again. More hair was shorn off, and was pushed by the clippers off Sam’s head, landing on the wooden flooring of the barbershop. Sam’s hair was so thick that two pushes from the clippers could almost cover the area behind the barber chair in his hair! Roxanne quickly got through the process, running the clippers up the temple, shaving off Sam’s sideburns and the locks at his back. It did not take long for Sam’s curly locks to cover the white barber cape that enveloped him. Each stroke of the clippers revealed more of Sam’s scalp, and made him visualise better how he would look without any hair. With all his hair shorn down to stubble, he stared blankly at his reflection in the mirror. His head seemed so small now that there was no sheltering from his curly mop of hair, but it certainly accentuated his facial features.

Roxanne hooked the clippers back, and prepped to give Sam the second part of his punishment. Without sweeping off the shorn locks that covered Sam above the barber cape, she applied shaving cream over the stubble that remaining on Sam’s scalp. When she was satisfied with the application, she cleaned her hands with a towel hooked beside the barber chair, and reached for the straight razor. She positioned the blade by the crown of Sam’s scalp, and applied some tension to it as she pushed it downwards. Sam and Janice both could hear mild screeching sounds as the razor blade shaved off whatever stubble was left on Sam’s scalp. As the razor pushed downwards, a clean white scalp could now be clearly seen. Roxanne continued shaving off the stubble with the razor, and without long, revealed a Sam that was fully shaved.

He took his first glance, and found it quite acceptable strangely. He reached out from beneath the cape, and gave his scalp a few rubs. It was totally stimulating, since the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Sam smiled at his new look, almost forgetting that this was supposedly his punishment. Janice on the other hand, was quite unhappy that Sam seemed satisfied, and seemed quite upset.

Now that Sam has his head fully shaved, will Janice be finally pacified? Or will Janice take a more extreme cause of action? Stay tuned as we reveal the fourth and final part of this story!


6 thoughts on “Janice & The Express Salon (Chapter 3)

  1. Wow that story couldn’t have been any better! I loved how controlling Janice was, saying that Sam had to punished by getting shaved bald. Roxanne seems like the perfect barberette. I wouldn’t mind being shaved by her.

  2. Great story. Nice plot and build up. Only problem is that when he got his buzz cut #1 you would not want to shave his head with all that hair. If he was going to get his head shaved it should have been buzzed to #000 this was there would be no hair when you use the straight razor. Less resistance. quicker results. But still a stimulating nice haircut story,

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