Alyssa’s Mystery

Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content. Please be advised for all readers below 18 years of age.

Alyssa awoke prematurely, oblivious to what have happened previously that caused her unconsciousness. The young lady, dressed in what seemed like a maid outfit, had been trying to wake Alyssa up, but to no avail. She finally succeeded with a slightly overpowered kick to Alyssa’s thigh.

Alyssa rose, now awake from her unnaturally caused slumber. Still slightly drowsy, she could barely make out the face of the girl who had awakened her, but saw a nametag on her which says Mary.  It was also then did she realise that she had completely no idea where she was.

Alyssa's Mystery - Scene 1

The surroundings looked dilapidated, and only dim light managed to shine through the window grills. There were salon equipment, such as styling chairs and mirrors in the room she was as well.

“Don’t be afraid. Just let me do what they want to you. They just want a good show,” Mary now spoke, with short pauses in between each sentence.

Alyssa could barely process what the lady had preached, before she pulled her up to stand on her feet. She then gestured for Alyssa to take a seat on the nearby salon chair.

Alyssa's Mystery - Scene 2

She was hesitant to obey her orders, but decided to do as she says at the moment. Alyssa took heavy, reluctant steps towards the chair, before sitting down, resting her feet on the movable footrest.

As soon as she sat, Alyssa quickly regretted her decision as the lady spared no time in taking action. With hardly any time to react, the lady had already tied her ankle to the footrest with thick rope, allowing minimal movement of her feet. She tried to struggle, but was in futile as the lady pushed her back into place. The handcuffs appeared to tame Alyssa, and her hands were now cuffed in place, leaving her helpless.

“Do as I say, or the boss won’t be happy. And when he isn’t happy, you wouldn’t want to know what happens then,” was the stern warning Mary served before she walked over to a nearby station.

While she seemed busy picking out what looked to be haircutting tools, Alyssa knew she had to do something. She tried to pull on the handcuffs, and see if it gave way. It didn’t. But it sure did rouse the attention of the lady.

With the tools now in hand, she walked back over, obviously displeased at Alyssa’s disposition. “You see that over there? It’s a camera, the boss is watching you,” Mary warned again, pointing to a device affixed to a corner of the wall top.

Just then, their one-sided conversation was interrupted, when a similar maid-like figure appeared from the only door. She was dragging along a lady by a rope, which tied up her hands. She was forced down onto the other salon chair in the room, and was quickly tied up as Alyssa was in a similar fashion.

Alyssa-s Mystery - Victim

But it didn’t stop there. Something similar to a torture brank was fitted into her mouth, leaving it wide open, and stopping her from conversing at the same time. A brown hairdressing cape was then laid over her, and fastened tightly around her shoulders.

The maid-like figure adjusted the chair’s backrest slightly, and reached for a pair of hair clippers that were already laying on the nearby table, as if on standby.

Alyssa's Mystery - Alyssa

The clippers turned on with a thud, and were mercilessly pushed down the middle of the lady’s forehead. Alyssa could watch no longer, on the brink of tears as she feared a similar fate.

“See that woman over there? She didn’t cooperate as we had wished, so we had to use some… additional measures to keep her in check,” Mary explained while standing by my side, watching the show.

That being said, Alyssa lost all hope, and resigned to the wishes of the lady. There was no more struggling, only submission.

“If you are a good girl, the boss may just let you go after this is done. But if you don’t follow, this may drag on for a while, and I’m sure that is not your wish,” she further commented.

The one-sided conversation then came to an end, as she reached for a similar brown hairdressing cape, and draped it over Alyssa, fastening it snuggly around her neck.

“Lift your legs, and place them over the sides of the chair,” Mary commanded. Alyssa obeyed, spreading them as far apart as the tight rope allows.

Mary lifted the cape, which curtained down to Alyssa’s ankle previously. It was lifted all the way up to her upper body, and folded so that it didn’t fall back down. Mary took a pair of haircutting scissors, and snipped Alyssa’s tube top dress down the middle at the bottom, all the way up to as far as the cape reveals. Alyssa’s thick mound of curly pubes were now in full exposure.

Alyssa was afraid of what is going to happen, but took it in as she knew this was her only way to survive this cursed fate.

“Wow, you go the no-maintenance style down there, don’t you?” Mary commented, obviously referring to Alyssa’s pubes which she left unkempt throughout her life.

Mary then reached for a pair of clippers, turning it on with a loud thud. For some unknown reason, this one sounded much more menacing as compared to the other lady’s.

The clippers touched Alyssa’s privates, and sent cold shivers down Alyssa’s spine. But the vibrations, oh it was arousing. So arousing Alyssa had to hold it all in, afraid to cum, especially in such undesirable scenarios.

The clippers made quick work as Mary made several passes around the vulva, and subsequently cleaning up the entire private area. The accumulated pubes were then swept off her privates with Mary’s hands, sending them down onto the floor. All that remained was thin stubble that felt like soft bristles when caressed.

“Good girl, now we are done with step one. If you do well for the next round, the boss may just agree to let you go,” Mary remarked.

The cape was pulled back down, once again covering all the way down to Alyssa’s ankles. For some reason, Alyssa felt like a sheep, waiting to be shorn by her shepherd, Mary.

The clippers turned back on again, and this time approached Alyssa’s hair. She longed to reach and caress her long, luscious curls, but it was impossible. Mary used the other hand to move away the locks covering Alyssa’s hairline at the front. The clippers were then plunged down the centre, and pushed all the way until the crown area. The clippers had mowed the hair in its path, revealing Alyssa’s scalp in the area it shorn.

Mary then continued to make several more passes, dislodging most of Alyssa’s locks down her back. Some of the hair fell towards the front, cascading down Alyssa’s shoulders, and laid lifeless on her lap now.

Mary repositioned herself now to Alyssa’s left, and pushed the clippers ruthlessly up towards her temple, sending all her clipped locks down the cape, and quickly gathering into a reasonably large pile. Alyssa held back her tears as she watch Mary take away the hair she had painstakingly grown over the past few years.

The hair on Alyssa’ right temple was chopped off in a similar fashion, before Mary worked on the back, pushing the clippers up from nape to crown. Alyssa was already beginning to feel light-headed, with all her hair now shaved off.

After Mary made a final few passes to ensure all hair was shaved off, she used a brush to sweep around Alyssa’s neck, before the cape was unfastened.

Alyssa watched as the pile of her hair previously on the cape was swept off the cape, and laid lifelessly on the floor now. The years of growth, now all gone.

Before Alyssa knew what was coming next, her head was covered up, and knocked unconscious once again.

When she awoke, she found herself by the front gates of her home, still donning the same tube top dress which was cut apart by Mary.

She reached up to check if her long curly locks were still there, but they were nowhere to be found. It wasn’t a dream that Mary had shaved off all her pubes and long hair.

What exactly happened, remains a mystery. A mystery that Alyssa will never solve.


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