Liz Gets A Sidecut

The cold wind blew against Liz’s cheeks, and brought cold chills running down her spine. The freezing temperatures this winter was almost intolerable for anyone to even leave their houses, but Liz just had to. It was almost Christmas, and she had to get some necessaries for the occasion. This was especially the case since it is the first Christmas that she will be spending with Mark after they got married last summer.

As she scampered along the streets, trying to find shelter to avoid the chilly winds, she passed by a barbershop. It looked pretty old-fashioned, or rather quite vintage. This made Liz thought momentarily about the latest trend; sidecuts.

She reached up to caress her long tresses, and realised she had neglected them for so long, they looked dull and unattractive. ‘Perhaps a sidecut is just what I need to spice up the night with Mark.’ Liz thought.

Without a second thought, she entered the barbershop. Once inside, she noticed there was a middle-aged man on the chair, served by a barberette. She looked considerably young, but dressed modestly in a sweater and trousers. She had super short hair as well.

The man having his haircut looked hysterically at Liz through the mirror, probably wondering what is a lady like Liz doing in a barbershop. Liz however, took no notice and made herself comfortable on a bench opposite of the barber chair.

Before long, the man was done, and got up from the chair. He gave Liz one quick look before leaving the barbershop. ‘Next!’ the barberette exclaimed as she brushed the chair of the loose hairs.

As Liz got up, the barberette turned the chair to face Liz, as if welcoming her to take a seat. She followed. As she sat, it felt unusually large as compared to salon chairs, and had this metallic feeling to it.

The barberette grabbed a roll of neck strips, tore off a piece and wrapped it around Liz’s neck. Liz thought it was strange since salons usually used a towel instead, but did not probe further as to why a strip was placed.

She then took a red striped cape off a shelf, tossed it over Liz, and fastened it snuggly around her neck as well. Following that, she folded the neck strip down, over the cape.

‘So, is it going to be just a trim, miss?’ the barberette asked. Liz shook her head in rejection. ‘I would like to get a sidecut.’ Liz said.

The barberette nodded at Liz’s reply, and spoke no longer. She sectioned off Liz’s hair on her left, all the way up to the temple area, and used long hair pins to pin them over her head.

Sidecut 1

Liz sat there nervously as the barberette sectioned the hair, and then disappeared around her back. She heard a couple of footsteps, before hearing a thud sound, followed by a continuous mechanical noise. It wasn’t very loud, but Liz felt uncomfortable hearing it.

The berberette walked back up, and stood on Liz’s left once again. She grabbed hold of a few stray hairs that refused to stay in the hair pins’ grasp, and held them up against her head. She then turned on the pair of clippers in her hand, which gave birth to the thud sound which she heard earlier.

Sidecut 2

She placed the clippers’ blades at her nape, and pushed it up along the section. Liz’s long locks were dislodged by the blades, and cascaded down, gathering on the cape. More hair rained down in front of her eyes as the barberette made a few more passes with the clippers.

Sidecut 3

The cold blades then touched her side, and she felt a tingly sensation as the clippers were pushed up to the temple, connecting the shaved areas. A couple more passes were made as well to ensure the sectioned area was shaved evenly to a #2.

The barberette removed the hair pins, and Liz’s remaining locks were let loose again. With her left side all shaved off, there was no longer any hair to frame her face on that side. However, Liz thought it was great to have gotten the sidecut, as the shaving off of the sectioned hair allowed her facial features to be more accentuated.

Liz reached up to touch the shaved area. It felt grainy to touch, and Liz was aroused by the touch, strangely. Satisfied with the sidecut, she smiled at the barberette, and the cape was unfastened from her neck.

She stood up, paid the barberette for the work, and handed her a hefty tip as well. Liz headed for the door, and exited out to the streets again. The weather had warmed up a little then, and that lightened up Liz’s mood. Looks like it is going to be a good Christmas for Liz and perhaps even Mark!


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