Sarah Goes Short

Sarah pushed open the door of the barber salon, and hesitated for a moment before stepping in. She wasn’t sure this was what she wanted, but she was definitely sure this was what she needed, or at least her husband needed.

Throughout most of Sarah’s marriage, her husband had been keeping mum about his love of girls with short hair. Well, it wouldn’t be fair to say that the husband was solely at fault for keeping such a deep secret, since Sarah was a fan of growing her long luscious locks. Her husband probably was afraid of sharing his secret with Sarah for fear of affecting the marriage.

All was hidden nice and safe until one fine day, Sarah came across pictures of girls with short haircuts on his netbook, and realised his fantasies. Before long, she was here at the barber salon. To make a change. To surprise her husband.

As soon as she stepped in, a middle-aged barber attended to her. ‘Sorry, there aren’t any hairdressers available right now, unless you wouldn’t mind me doing it, since I’m just a barber.’ He said.

Sarah gave it some thought, and remembered that barbers are usually good with doing short cuts. ‘I think you are just who I need.’ Sarah replied.

The barber glowed at Sarah’s answer and gestured for the nearby salon chair. The barber salon was totally empty except for Sarah at the moment. Perhaps all the hairdressers and the rest of the barbers are out for lunch.

The barber introduced himself as Paul, as he grabbed one of the white hairdressing capes off a hook on the back wall. He came behind Sarah and draped it over her, fastening it snuggly around her neck.

‘So, what are you up for?’ Paul questioned. Sarah explained about her husband’s love for short hair on girls, and wants to surprise her husband with a short haircut. However, she wants to keep the hairstyle feminine and chic.

‘Short, but not masculine. Sure, I can do that.’ Paul replied, and briefly elaborated on the haircut Sarah will be getting. He then got down straight to work.

He pulled out the hairdryer, and blow-dry Sarah’s curly locks straight with a round brush. Upon finishing the blow-drying, Paul gathered together her locks, and tied it into high ponytail tightly, close to her occipital bone area.

Female Long to Short Haircut 1

Female Long to Short Haircut 2

The clippers were instantly drawn out thereafter. ‘Are you ready?’ Paul asked Sarah, before making the chop. Sarah nodded and Paul plunged the clippers instantaneously into the ponytail, severing off the meeting point between the clippers and Sarah’s locks.

Female Long to Short Haircut 3

Female Long to Short Haircut 4

It was then Sarah realised how thick her hair was, as Paul had some difficulty chopping the entire ponytail off in one go. He put more pressure on the clippers to try and push the clippers through, but to no avail. Resultantly, he decided to chop the ponytail at different angles, which finally did the job. Paul placed the ponytail into a zip-lock bag, and placed it on the table before continuing with the cut.

Female Long to Short Haircut 5

Female Long to Short Haircut 6

Paul repositioned himself on Sarah’s left, and combed out the entire left section. He placed the comb approximately two to three inches from her scalp, and ran the clippers over the comb, dislodging off whatever hair stood between the clippers. Sarah watched in astonishment as her dislodged tresses get chopped, and piled up on her shoulders above the cape.

Female Long to Short Haircut 7

Female Long to Short Haircut 9

Paul then worked his way around Sarah’s head, moving to the back and cutting at a connecting angle. Sarah was to get a short asymmetrical cut, with the left side cut short, while the right was kept slightly longer to preserve her femininity. As he worked her way towards the right, less length was taken off with the clippers.

Female Long to Short Haircut 12

Next, Paul used his barber shears to trim off excess length, tidying up Sarah’s look. The already short hair was cut further, especially on the left side where it was already cut very short previously by the clippers. Paul placed the scissors approximately an inch at most from the scalp and snipped away the extra length, sending tufts of cut hair down the cape, and rested in Sarah’s lap.

As he put the finishing touches to Sarah’s hairstyle, trimming the long fringe she had requested to a more appropriate length, he dusted her neck, shaved off the loose hairs at the nape area, before unfastening the cape off Sarah.

When Sarah went home that night, the husband was pleasantly surprised by her bravery in making the plunge, and she was rewarded with a night of plentiful experiences.

She didn’t grow her hair out for the many years to come, satisfied with the changes short hair brought about to her. Every now and then, when she reaches up to caress her short hair, it brought back memories of her barber salon experience, when Paul chopped off all her hair. Maybe someday, Sarah might go back to Paul to experience getting all her hair chopped off again.


6 thoughts on “Sarah Goes Short

  1. Quite a tame story. I’d prefer more clipper work and a near bald look. My girl wears a regular G.I. haircut Down to her scalp all around and short and flat on top. She geta many looks. for me it is a great turn on.
    Flora’s friend.

    1. That’s my favorite haircut for my girl ! It is so damn sexy ! Some day she will get a nice flat haircut too. I swear ! And if she does not have it done I will do it myself ! Like it or not !

  2. Using Jason Welch’s haircut on the red head is nit the best idea, he SUCKS! He uses second rate tools, and needs more education!

  3. It is not easy to convince your woman to have her hair cut short. I tried for years to convice my woman, but she remained stubborn. Long hair can be beautiful, but it is not sexy !
    One night after a party, it must have been around two or three o’clock, we cam home. She got undressed and just about passed out on the bed. I dragged her out of the bad and walked her over to the bar, we hav in the recroom. She giggled and mumbled something. Once she was seated I got what I wanted…!
    Scisors, comb and electric clippers. She didn’t know I owned those, I had bought them on a whim years ago, but had not dared to use them on her…
    I combed her hair, she giggled, I lifted the hair with the comb and brutally snipped it off close to her scalp. I surprised myself with the daring deed.
    I kept on working on her, my bulge in my pants grew to an enormous size ! Lock after lock ended up on the floor. The top hair too, till she had a messy uneven head of hair. I noticed hoe the now short hait did not lay flat, but stood up in all directions…
    That gave me the idea of giving her a short flattop ! I had seen several pictures on internet with a flattop… This was my chance ! I would never get the opportunity again !
    I clicked the swith of the clippers and almost jumped as the noise was much louder that I had expected. She didn’t react to it though.
    So I sheard her hair on the sides and back first. The clippers di nice even work and soon she had only short stubbles left there…
    I just about came looking at her and had to hold myself to be able to concentrate on what I was creating.
    When she was sheared all aroun her pretty head, I combed the top hair up, but it did not want to stay as I wanted it. So, I got a sprayer with water and moistened it. Then I combed it uo while I used the hairdryer on it. Still not the way I wanted… So I got the hair spray and soon it all stood up straight forming an uneven plane…
    Carefull, using the comb, I moved the machine over her head, close to her scalp, but not touching it. It too all my concentration to do it, but the result was stunning ! It may not be a professional job, but there she was… with a wonderful flattop haircut…
    I took her to the bed again an in spite of her being almost passed out I entered her and satisfied myself deep in her, looking at her head all the time…
    The next day I can not describe…! She was horribly hung over and screaming mad at the top o her voice….
    That di not change the fact that she had her hait extre,ely short now.
    I had a real struggle a few week lated when it was growing out again. A good flattop needs regular trims to keep it good looking. I stuck to my guns though and heared her again, this time whilke she was stone sober…
    Sex was unreal, out of tis world and she realized that too of course… I managed to have her keep thatshort hait upm to the day of today ! She just looks so stunning !

  4. Many typo’s, but a great story. I hope that you managed to keep her cut like that… ? Never mind what she thinks about it. she turns you on and that is what a woman is for. Great story for women’s libbers ! Ha …!

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