Headshave for the Model

This is a sequel to the story titled Undercut Bob for the Model.

I sat comfortably on one of the stools within the studio, making minor adjustments to the model’s hair now and then, in order to ensure it stays in place for a perfect shot.

Just as I thought that the photo-shoot was coming to an end as the model made the final few postures, the director called the cameraman and model over to her side and they engaged into a brief discussion. The discussion did not last long, when the director digressed from the discussion and walked up to me.

‘Are you up for some overtime? We are doing an additional concept.’ The director briefed. I replied that I would be glad to do so and I was updated on what haircut I had to administer to the model. It turned out that they wanted to portray the model as a stern teacher, and the best haircut for that, is to shave it all off. Now that answered why the model looked a little flustered during the discussion.

The model walked back over and took a seat. The director gave instructions to shave off the longer section down with the Number 2 clipper blade, and orders are orders, despite how I really loved the undercut bob.

Female Studio Headshave 1

Female Studio Headshave 2

I pulled out the clippers once again, and attached the Number 2 blade on. With a few combs through the hair, I plunged it backwards horizontally from the side of her nape, and the locks quickly gave way, tumbling down onto her shoulders and lap. She watched in astonishment as the top was left with reddish stubble that was slightly longer than the sides and back. I made short work of her hair as I made multiple passes quickly across her head, severing whatever comes between the clipper blades.

Female Studio Headshave 3

Female Studio Headshave 5

I reattached the Number 1 blade onto the clipper, and began to neaten up the look by tapering her back and sides higher. She seemed to be enjoying the haircut as she occasionally smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

Female Studio Headshave 6

The haircut was done sooner than I had thought, and I returned to take a rest as the model took to the stage for the 2nd round of the photo-shoot. The shaved look was perfect, perhaps even better than the undercut bob. Consequently, the shots came out great, and the model finally left, leaving behind all her red hair that littered the studio floors. As I swept away the pile of hair, reminiscences of her getting shaved aroused me strongly. Perhaps the model wasn’t the only one who enjoyed watching her head get shaved.

Female Studio Headshave 8


2 thoughts on “Headshave for the Model

  1. There is no denying it: Cutting a woman’s hair off is a sesuous act ! Quite normal for the cutter and the cuttee (?) to become very aroused !

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