Undercut Bob for the Model

The studio lighting kits were all in place, and so was the backdrop. The team consisting of the director, cameraman as well as me, the hair and makeup artist, met up hours before to discuss the concept of the photo-shoot later this afternoon.

The model coming in this afternoon was a redhead with fair skin, and is relatively slender in figure. We decided on the concept of a chic but strong look.

The afternoon arrived quickly, and the cameraman made his final checks on the equipment as the director and I awaited the model’s arrival. It didn’t take long before the lift entrance opened, and the model arrived at our studio. We greeted her warmheartedly to get her settled in quickly, and we got her to the styling area after explaining to her our concept for today’s shoot.

She sat on the chair, looking nervously at her reflection in the mirror, fearing it would be her last time seeing the long red locks she had in a long while. It was true though, for our concept, we were planning to go for an extreme undercut bob.

I walked up to her, relieving her daze at her reflection in the mirror. ‘Alright, let’s do this then.’ The model told me, almost emotionless that it gave me the chills. Nonetheless, I started on my work as I sectioned off her crown area, and pinned it up high, similar to a topknot.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 1

Next, I picked up the pair of clippers off the front table, and took the hairdressing comb out of my pouch, and combed briefly through the sides and back to detangle the knots in her hair.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 2

Female Studio 2B Haircut 3

Without further ado, I turned on the clippers, unleashing a thud, and placed it at the forefront of her temple on her right, and drove them towards the back horizontally. Subsequently, I repeated the motion back and forth, dislodging her red tresses off her right side, sending them to the floor. The model forced a smile, but looked flabbergasted at losing so much hair, but I continued nevertheless.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 4

I moved on to her back, and shaved off everything, up till where the crown section was, before making quick work of what’s left on the other side. I shaved it all off ruthlessly from temple towards the back, sending the sheared hair tumbling down her blouse, gathering on her lap. It was then she began regaining that beautiful smile of hers, after she realised that shaving all that long, dull hair of hers accentuated her facial features very much.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 5

After cleaning up the back and sides, I unpinned the crown section, and wet it with a spray bottle since we do not have a washing area within the studio. I combed her remaining hair to her left, and then sectioned it at the occipital bone into a front and back section. I snipped off about half the length in the front section, but went even shorter at the back section, leaving approximately four to five inches at most.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 6

By the time I was almost done with her hair and began styling, she was all smiles at the beautiful masterpiece I had crafted on her head. Seeing my client’s smiles will always bring me the greatest satisfaction.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 8

As I made the finishing touches to her new hairstyle, the director came over and passed her the apparel she needed to model for the shoot. She excused herself briefly before returning with the apparel worn on.

Female Studio Makeup

As she already had great skin, I only had to apply some mascara and eye shadow, as well as a peach-coloured lip gloss, and she was good to go. With that, I finished my duty for the shoot and sat back to observe the photo-shoot.

Female Studio 2B Haircut 9


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