The Convincing Jennifer: Pixie Haircut

The car drifted to a stop in front of the salon building. We alighted, and Michael parked the vehicle properly in one of the lots while I brought Alan into the salon through the main entrance.

I have been married with Michael for two years, and Alan is our son whom I gave birth to more than a year ago. It’s been awhile since Alan got his haircut, and his rat-tail has started getting out of hand. Furthermore, he is going to start pre-school soon, thus Michael and I decided he would get a proper haircut.

As I brought Alan in, a middle-aged lady with blonde hair, whom introduced herself as Jennifer, greeted us and told me to take a seat while I wait for Alan’s hair to be cut. Meanwhile, Michael gave me a call, saying that he had to leave for an urgent matter at the company, and will be back in thirty minutes to pick Alan and me.

It was less than five minutes after sitting down when Jennifer came back promptly and called me over. ‘It seems that you’ll have to give me a hand with Alan, he’s reluctant to get his haircut.’ Jennifer explained to me. I nodded and went over with her as I saw Alan fiddling around while draped in the hairdressing cape. Jennifer unfastened the cape from Alan, and told him to stand up from the chair. She gestured for me to take a seat in Alan’s place. ‘Now I’m going to need you to hold Alan while sitting, and I’m going to fasten this cape around you so you won’t get the loose hairs all over you.’ Jennifer instructed me.

Without further ado, Jennifer draped the cape previously used on Alan around me, and fastened it snuggly around my neck. I pulled my hands out from under the cape’s cover and held onto Alan firmly as Jennifer began the cut on him.

Child Haircut with Mother

With a few combs down Alan’s back, Jennifer snipped away his rat-tail, and began trimming his hair to make it neat and tidy. It took less than ten minutes before Jennifer finished the cut on Alan, and I released my grip on him.

Just as I was about to stand up and unfasten the cape myself, Jennifer weighted down on me at my shoulders, and I sat back down in the chair. ‘It seems like you need a haircut too, madam.’ Jennifer sat. I gave a bewildered look and wanted to reject her offer, but just as I was about to speak up, she added, ‘Being a mum is hard, and it’s going to be harder to take care of Alan as he grows up. Perhaps you would prefer a no-fuss, wash & go look?’

Her words did bring a thought to my mind. Recently, it has been getting tougher to juggle both work and taking care of Alan. Besides, I haven’t been able to get my hair done lately and I sported an A-line bob, which was pretty high maintenance. It would be great to get a new hairstyle which I can spend less time on but still look decent.

‘So, what would you suggest?’ I asked Jennifer. She smiled at my reply. ‘Honestly, you have great features, and a nice pixie cut will accentuate your features very well. I can leave a nice, heavy side fringe for you as well, if you like.’ She suggested.

‘Okay, let’s do that.’ I answered, convinced by her. Jennifer beamed at my answer, and said in a seemingly high tone, ‘Alright, pixie cut with a long fringe coming up!’

I stood up straight as Jennifer fastened on the cape around my neck again, but tighter this time. She sectioned off the fringe area at my front, and pinned it down with an alligator clip so that she will not accidentally cut into that section. She combed out the unruly kinks at my back, and pinned up the upper layers with alligator clips.

Without asking for the final confirmation, Jennifer sunk her scissors into my hair at the nape area, and dislodged the first lock of hair, sending it to the salon floor. I closed my eyes and breathed in heavily, trying to pacify myself that making the cut was a right choice. Jennifer definitely was a master of her art, as she quickly snipped off the length of all the remaining layers at my back. It felt weird with very little weight left at the sides, while the front and sides were still relatively heavy.

She made her way to my sides, and snipped off at the length, sending my tresses tumbling down the cape, gathering on my lap above the cape. I drew my hands out from under the cape, and picked up a lock of my tresses. It was so long as I played around with it, knowing it would take a while before I grew out so much length again.

Just as I looked up into the mirror again, the length at the sides were gone, and in its place were two cute, thin sideburns. I was definitely shocked at sight of the sideburns, because I didn’t expect the hair to be cut so short. Nonetheless, I quickly got used to it as I observed Jennifer chop away at my locks above. She combed sections vertically up, and snipped off half the length, sending the chopped locks to join the pile already on my lap.

As she made the finishing cuts to the top section, Jennifer unpinned the fringe area, and the hair dropped down again to cover my face. I haven’t realised until this moment that I had neglected my hair so much, that the original bangs had already grown so much. With her shears, Jennifer chopped away at the section angularly, which I watched intently as the curtain in front of my eyes was snipped away. All that was left in place was a sharply angled side fringe, but I loved it nevertheless. She finished off the haircut with a trimmer to clean up the stray hairs that were now visible at the nape area.

As Jennifer unfastened the cape, the entrance opened and Michael appeared from within. Upon sight, he was apparently shocked at my transformation, but quickly commented that he loved my new haircut. I made sure to pay Jennifer a generous tip for the haircuts, and left with Michael and Alan.

Throughout the rest of the day, Michael couldn’t get his eyes off my new haircut, and caressed my short hair at the nape area from time to time. That night, we had a wonderful experience. Hell, I love my new pixie cut, no doubt about that!


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