I Got The Job

I was abruptly awakened from my phone’s vibration. With my eyes barely opened, I managed to take a look at my phone screen. It reads: ‘New email from Mr. Will’ on the lock screen.

‘Are you serious?’ I thought. I had been unemployed for several months, partially due to my excessive love for punk rock, and the fact that I dress like a punk rock fan as well. Mr. Will was the manager in-charge of a company where I had previous went to for a job interview.

I unlocked the phone, and saw the email. It reads as follows:

Dear Ms Kelly

I am sending this email to inform you that your job application has been approved after careful deliberation by the company.

However, we would like to remind Ms Kelly that our corporation is set in a strictly professional environment, and while Ms Kelly’s dress code for the interview has certainly been unappealing, we trust that you will look more appropriate from your first day of work onwards.

If possible, you may start work today at 12PM. Do not be late. Congratulations on receiving the job.

Best Regards
Mr. Will

Upon reading the email, I glanced at the wall clock, which reads 8.30AM. There is still some time left, but I guess I need a makeover for the job. As I stared in the mirror, I realised what Mr. Will said was true. The hot pink hair, funky earrings and gothic black clothes, they all had to go. I opened the wardrobe and pulled out what was probably the most colourful piece within; a floral short-cut dress. I replaced the funky earrings with a simple pair of ear studs, and wore a black blazer over the dress.

Everything looked in place except the pink hair now. The clock reads 9.00AM already. I reached for my phone, and gave Julia a call. The call went through. ‘Hey Julia, could you fit me in at 10AM, I need an urgent shape-up.’ I said through the phone. ‘Sure, just drop by at 10AM.’ Julia responded before hanging up.

I packed what I needed for work into a sleek handbag, and took the public bus down to Julia’s salon, which was situated quite a distance away.

Just as I was about to doze off on the bus, Julia’s salon was within sight from the bus window. I alighted, and headed instantaneously for the entrance. When I entered, Julia was already waiting at the front desk. ‘Hi Kelly, come this way.’ Julia said as she gestured towards the stylist chair at the end.

As I sat down on the chair to make myself comfortable, Julia came over and draped a black hairdressing cape over me, and fastened it snuggly around my neck. I looked at my watch, and it reads 10.45AM. Almost an hour left before I need to reach my workplace. ‘So, it’s just a trim for you?’ Kelly asked.

‘Well, honestly no. I need to get rid of all this pink. I got the job.’ I replied Julia. ‘Are you serious? That’s great!’ she exclaimed upon hearing the news. ‘So, are we dyeing away the pink then?’ she asked again. ‘How long will it take, twenty minutes?’ I asked Julia.

‘Nope, it will take at least an hour to dye over this pink back to a more natural brown. It has to be dyed several times to get the pink out.’ Julia answered. I panicked for a moment. If I spent one hour getting the pink dyed out, I would be late for work. And if I’m late, I will lose the job, likely. I probably needed the job more than anything else then, even my hair. In a frantic state of mind, I thought desperate times call for desperate measures. ‘Shave it then.’ I told Julia firmly, although my heart was being torn apart on the inside at the same time.

‘Are you sure, this is a lot of hair!’ Julia said, shocked from my request. ‘Yes, do it.’ I said, and the conversation came to an end. She disappeared around the corner, and returned with an oversized haircutting collar. Julia draped it above the larger cape, and tightened it at the back as well.

Julia whipped out a pair of clippers, and turned it on with a thud. With no questions asked, she pulled back my hair, revealing my hairline at the forehead, and plunged the clippers straight from front to back. A bare, white path was now left in place of what were originally long luscious, pink tresses. She continued shaving in a similar manner, until she reached almost my right temple. She repositioned herself slightly, and pushed the clippers up straight to the temple area. The dislodged pink locks fell onto the cape, and slid down to my lap.

Pink Dye Shave 1

After getting rid of the length on my right side, she made quick work of the back as well, leaving only my left side intact. Julia and I were laughing at how hilarious I looked as she continued shaving my head.

Pink Dye Shave 2

As she reached the left side gradually, more locks began to slide down the cape gradually, forming a significant pile on my lap. With a few final pushes up the left side to the temple, I officially became bald. The cold air felt chilly on my head, deprived of the pink curtain that used to shelter my head. They were all gone now. I was not disappointed though. It felt good to have some change.

Just as I was about to spend some more time getting used to the bald look, I checked my watch and it reads 11.20AM. ‘I’m almost late if I don’t leave now!’ I said to Julia in an urgent tone. She quickly unfastened both of the capes, sending the thick pile of hair to the salon floor. I stood up, paid Julia for the shave, and scurried off to catch the next public bus for work.

As I reached the office, Mr. Will was already waiting by the entrance. I looked at my watch. ’11.55AM’ it reads. I heaved a sigh of relief as I walked up to Mr. Will.

‘Good afternoon Ms. Kelly. I see that you have made some improvements to your appearance. I’m sure our boss will appreciate your efforts.’ Mr. Will said as he led me into the office building. I grinned at his comment, and explained to him the story as we walked in.

Seems like shaving all that pink hair wasn’t too bad an idea after all.


7 thoughts on “I Got The Job

  1. Hey, I really loved the story 🙂 tho I am curious to know where you got the pictures from. Were they from a particular website or video? Do you have the link to it?

    1. Hi fizzyc, we are glad that you liked the story. As for the pictures used, they were sourced from websites, but we are unable to trace back to the original link. We can however, provide you with the images via email. Thank you for visiting!

      1. Hi kin. I’d love to have the images 🙂 yes, the above email is mine, and you may send the pictures to it. I really look forward to your upcoming stories 🙂

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