St Baldrick’s Fair

My mobile phone vibrated. And it repeated, again. Reluctantly, I pulled myself up from bed. Pulling aside the curtains, the sunlight shone through brightly, glaring on my hardly-opened eyes. I picked up my phone, and glanced at the text message that woke me up.

‘Hey, it’s Joan. There’s a St Baldrick’s fair going on downtown today, see you there at twelve!’ the message reads. Joan was my best friend in college and we kept contact with each other frequently, even though college was already past memories from years ago.

The wall clock reads 10.15AM. There is plenty of time to get myself ready before meeting Joan. I took a cold shower to get myself prepped up for the summer heat. Fortunately, my long auburn locks was easy to manage and did not take much effort; a good ten minutes of blow-drying and some mousse to manage the gentle curls at the ends, good to go. I wore a white sleeveless top, and paired it with skinny jeans. To finish off the look, I picked a black leather jacket, put it on, and headed for the door.

The St Baldrick’s fair wasn’t too far away, probably just a five minutes’ walk down the street and I’ll reach it. I know the place pretty well because it happens annually, always at the same venue. As I reached the fair area, I spotted Joan already waiting for me there, standing in the shade of one of the tents. ‘How are you Joan?’ I asked, giving her a hug at the same time.

As per the normal meet-ups with her, we would exchange greetings and chat about what’s happening recently. After some time, we decided to check out the head shaving area. There, we saw several yellow tents pitched to the ground, and under each was a chair. The participants of the head shaving event would get their shaved while sitting on these chairs. Joan and I decided to stop by near one of the tents and watch one of the participants get his hair all shaved off.

St Baldricks 2

As I watched, it reminded me of a guy friend, whom always remarked that, regardless of gender, everyone should get their head shaved at least once in their life, and that it is a great feeling. That aroused my curiosity a little.

As I watched the clippers deprive the participant of his mane, I suddenly felt aroused down there. It was a strange sensation, but nonetheless pleasant.

Out of the blue, I suddenly had an absurd idea. I thought this could be the moment; the moment I shaved my head, the once-in-a-lifetime moment. As if irrationality overcame me, I gestured to Joan that I would be back in a bit, and wandered off. As I walked around the large tents, I spotted a freshly-shorn participant get up from one of the chairs. This was my chance.

As the participant walked away, I walked over nervously, legs almost going jelly. ‘Hi, may I get my head shaved?’ I asked the middle-aged lady who was in charge of the station. ‘Sure, take a seat.’ She replied casually as she brushed the chair to clean off the shaved hairs from the previous participant.

I sat down, trying to calm myself, despite it being mostly futile. The fluid thoughts of myself getting shaved filled up my mind, and I tried hard to stay composed on the outside, even though I was about to break apart on the inside.

As the lady picked up the green cape, I pulled up my long hair behind, so that she can drape the cape over me easily. She threw the cape over me, took over hold of my hair, and fastened the cape snuggly around my neck with the other hand.

St Baldricks 3

St Baldricks 4

As I sat there while waiting for the lady to begin, I noticed a crowd gathering around; it is probably a rare occurrence for girls like me to get shaved at events like this. It was then I started regaining rationality, and realized the stakes were high this time. Although I bore thoughts of making an escape, I convinced myself it was for a good cause, and was worth it.

The lady gave me a gentle pat and asked if I would like to keep my ponytail. I gave a slight nod, and was replied with a loud thud from the clippers. She pushed my head down slightly, with my chin almost touching my chest. Without any second thoughts, she plunged the clippers up my nape, and repeated several times. The sound of the clippers changed and roared lightly at my ears as it was pushed through, severing off my hair tight to the scalp.

St Baldricks 5

After several moments, the sounds stopped, and the lady presented me with a ponytail of my hair. It was at least fifteen inches long! My head felt lighter instantaneously as well from losing all the length.

St Baldricks 6

That was just the start of all the excitement though. As I played with my freshly-cropped ponytail, the clippers came back on, and the lady sheared through my remaining locks. I giggled from the clippers’ touch; it was one of my first time getting into contact with a pair of clippers. As the lady was busily focused on mowing through my hair, the newly sheared hair fell down, gathering into a pile on my lap above the cape.

St Baldricks 7

As the lady made a final few passes with the clippers, I could feel that there was little to no tension against the clippers anymore; a sign that all my hair had been shaven off. She dusted me a little and unfastened the cape, sending the thick pile of hair to the ground.

I stood up, and felt my new bald head. The short stubble pricked gently against my touch, but it was a pleasurable feel. It was then Joan came up from behind me, smiling at my unexpected makeover. ‘You look great girl!’ she commented, as she gave me a tight embrace. With everything shaved off, that means no more ends for me to play with. No more cover-ups for my pimples or freckles. But it felt great, and I continued my date with Joan for the rest of the day, whilst getting used to my new bald head look.

St Baldricks 8


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