Pixie Cut by Mae

Dark clouds roamed the sky as hints of lightning could be seen occasionally through the window. I was frantically bringing in all the clothes hanged out for the sun, but the unpredictable weather really gets at you sometimes. Sometimes, it gets really irritating, not that such little chores are too much to take, but because my long hair keeps getting in the way. As I struggle to bring the clothes back into the house, the frequent swaying of my long fringe around my eyes makes me rather annoyed at times. When that is not the case, my ends would usually get caught at the door or onto hooks.

It was then I decided that this misery had to end. The long hair look had to go. After giving birth to my first son, life became more fast-paced, sometimes too fast for me to cope. I needed a look that requires less maintenance, and long hair with a fringe does not fit the description, not at all.

With that, I grabbed a coat as soon as I finished bringing in all the clothes, and headed out, while the rainfall has yet to shower. Down the street, there was a lane of shops, ranging from the standard Walmart to some boutique shops that occasionally sold some unique apparel. However, these were not what I was looking for today. Near the end of the lane, I spotted the comfortably-lit sign on the wall, with ‘Unisex Salon’ engraved onto the sign. With the heave of one deep breath, I reached for the door and pushed open, entering the unisex salon.

My entrance was greeted with the smile of a young lady, whom was sitting at the reception desk just at the corner of the salon. She wore a chiffon sleeveless blouse, and coupled it with pale brown, skinny trousers. Her elaborate features were complemented by her brown hair cut in long layers. ‘Are you here for a haircut, madam?’ she asked. I nodded in reply, and she gestured for the blue salon chair situated at the corner of the small, but cozy salon.

As I took a seat, I observed briefly the décor of the salon. It was adorned with peach brown wallpaper and pale white ones on the walls that had mirrors. The lady hairdresser walked up behind me, and laid her hands gently on my shoulders as she spoke. ‘I am Mae, and how would your hair done today madam?’

‘I’ve had so much trouble with this long hair of mine. Thus, I would like to get it all cut off today.’ I answered. There, I said it.

‘Alright, do you have any idea how short do you want to go?’ Mae asked again. As my nervousness began creeping in on me, I managed a quick statement that ended the discussion immediately; ‘Just do what you think best fits me, all I want is this long hair gone by the end of my stay here.’

With that, she nodded and reached for a pale blue hairdressing cape lying on the salon chair beside me, unfolded it, and draped it over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. Without further ado, Mae got straight into business, combing out my long hair to neaten it for the cut.

After a few thorough combs through my thick locks, she positioned herself to my left, lifted my hair at the side upwards with my comb, and snipped off most of the length instantaneously! The dislodged lock of hair slid down my shoulders, and rested on the cape at my lap. The first cut had already made a dramatic difference. All that remained from the cut was an extremely short sideburn, no longer than an inch. With that commencing of the first cut, all formalities was dismissed as Mae began working around the back, before chopping off whatever was on the right side of my head.

Female Taper Haircut by Hairdresser

By then, a thick pile of chopped hair laid on my lap. As I looked into the mirror, the reflection was almost comical as it looked like a bowl cut to me. This was quickly changed as Mae began blending in the short sides and back into the longer top. Towards the end of the haircut, Mae decided to relieve me of my greatest headache; the long fringe. Drawing open the sharp jaws of her scissors, she positioned them above my eyebrows, and closed them instantly, chopping off whatever length was beneath. The curtain of hair that bothered me was finally gone as I watched it fall onto my lap.

To finish up the look, Mae reached for a tube of hair clay and applied generously to my new cut, resulting in a polished pixie cut. I loved the final result, chic, yet low maintenance for me. Mae unfastened the cape, and the long locks fell to the salon floor, covering most of the area around the salon chair I sat on. Before leaving the salon, I paid Mae for her service, together with a generous tip. She offered me her name card, and welcomed me to come back anytime. I nodded and exited the salon.

I am definitely coming back to Mae for a haircut again in the near future.


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