Modeling in the City

I entered what looked like a transportation cart fully framed of metal, but what was significantly different were the circular donuts made of a rubber-like material that drove it.

My name is Jane, and I lived my life in the rural areas by the seaside, until recently when a men dressed smartly in a suit walked up to me one day, and offered me a job opportunity of what he describes as being a ‘model’. I wasn’t interested initially, but life was tough then in the rural areas with the poor harvests and I was promised a significant fee for my work.

That was about a week ago, I am now sitting within the metal cart, and on the way to the urban part of the state for the first time. I wasn’t used to the bumpiness of the vehicle, which the driver termed as a ‘car’.

After about an hour, the car pulled to a halt. The sudden stop broke inertia and pushed me forward, causing me to lean forward sharply, almost knocking my head against the chair in front. The driver laughed at me for my silliness, and it made me so embarrassed.

‘We have reached, just walk through that entrance on our right and they will get started on you. I will wait for you here until you are done before you meet your future boss.’ The driver said.

I pulled what seems to be a lever on the side of the seat, and a door gave way, allowing me to exit the vehicle. I lifted myself off the seat, and closed the door carefully, ensuring that my floral dress does not get caught between the gaps.

Upon stepping out, I was greeted with blowing strong winds. My long black tresses that were originally neatly combed became tousled in an instant. I walked up a short flight of stairs, and was immediately met with another door with a lever-like handle. I gave it a pull and the door gave way.

What surprised me here was the immediate gush of a chemical-like smell emitting from within. Nevertheless, I walked in cautiously, and marveled at what I just saw.

There were black leather chairs, framed with a metallic stand and hand supports. I have never seen one of those. Then there were those huge mirrors that could reflect one’s entire reflections. A young lady that seemed to be in her early twenties immediately took notice of my entrance and stepped forward to attend to me.

‘Hi, you must be Jane? They told me you were coming. Take a seat, and I will be right with you in a minute.’ She said, gesturing towards one of the black leather chairs. I gave a nod and walked over to take a seat.

The chair was so comfortable, unlike any of the wooden chairs back home. I looked around while making myself comfortable, and noticed there wasn’t anyone else here except the lady who greeted me earlier. Nonetheless, I waited patiently for the lady to come back.

Just then, she emerged from a door behind the desk, holding on to some tools I haven’t seen before in my entire life. She walked up behind me and turned me to face the mirror.

‘I hope you are ready, this is going to be a radical change for you, but don’t be nervous. I’m sure you will look great after the cut. My name’s Mae by the way.’ She said.

‘Cut, what cut?’ I thought. ‘Sorry, what do you mean by the cut?’ I asked.

‘A haircut of course, what else.’ She replied.

What is a haircut? Do they actually cut their hair here in the urban part of the country? Back at home, everyone grows their hair out and thus I was not familiar to the concept of cutting hair. It was also then that I noticed that Mae sported hair that looked really different from what other girls do back in the rural areas. Her hair had length that reached her chin briefly, and was at a sharp angle, with the front longer and progressively shorter towards the back.

I reached up to caress my long black mane, fearing that it may be my last. Mae looked surprised at my astonishment about cutting hair.

She pulled one of the shelves in a cabinet situated opposite the chairs, and took out what seemed to be a cape. It was pale white in colour, and glistened dimly in the warm lights. She walked behind me once again, and draped the cape over me, fastening it snuggly around my neck. The cape reads ‘MATRIX’ on it through the mirror and laid gently over me entirely, with hints of my floral dress showing through the translucency of the cape. It felt silky and cooling on the skin, I instantly fell in love with getting caped.

Mae then went back to the cabinet, and squeezed out some solution from a tube into what seemed like a mixing bowl made of plastic. She pulled another shelf as well and took out a dark brown towel and put both items onto a pushcart just beside the cabinet.

She pushed the cart up right beside me, and laid the towel around my neck as well, securing it in place with a long hairpin. She then proceeded to make a parting down the centre of my head, and starting adding the solution from the bowl onto the part. Each time the parting was filled with the solution, she would resection my hair to form another parting, and repeated the same procedure. Gradually, she was done with my entire head of hair, and it was now fully soaked in the solution.

Just as Mae was done with applying the solution, the door opened and a young man, probably in his teenage years entered. Mae passed me a magazine and told me to wait for about thirty minutes, before proceeding to greet the man. I wasn’t really literate, so I pretended to browse the pages, but I was focusing on what Mae was going to do with the man.

The man took a seat beside me on another chair, and Mae went to take another cape off the cabinet. She draped the white cape over him as well, and started a short conversation with him. Since they were right beside me, I could eavesdrop on their conversation.

‘So, how do you want it cut sir?’ Mae asked the man with a grin.

‘The summer’s coming, so I’ve decided to get a buzzcut.’ He replied.

‘Alright, but how short do you want to go? #1 perhaps?’ she questioned again. The man gave a slight nod and Mae picked up a metallic tool with teeth at its end off the table in front of the chair. What is that metallic tool? And what is a #1 cut or a buzzcut? All these questions kept popping up in my head.

The man had hair of reasonable length, it was curly and kinky, but would probably reach his shoulders if it gets pulled straight down.

The tool then came alive with a thud, and Mae gestured for the man to tilt his head forward. He submitted to her request, as if he was a sheep waiting to be shorn by Mae. True enough, the tool was pushed from his nape all the way up to the occipital bone, and only short stubble remained in its path!

Clumps of his curly hair tumbled down to the floor as Mae continues her work, cropping off all his hair at the back to nothing but short stubble. And it isn’t just short, it is very short, so short I could see hints of his scalp hidden beneath the stubble.

Mae then repositioned herself between me and the man, and my view of the arousing scene was temporarily blocked. I didn’t know why I was getting aroused by watching him get his hair cropped by that tool, but I am certainly enjoying it.

When Mae moved on to work on his right side, vision was regained and I was greeted with more stubble on his side. Everything was cropped off, even the sideburns!

Finally, Mae ran the tool over his mop on the top, and lumps of curly hair fell into his lap. Mae quickly made a few more passes over the top to get a clean cut, and the man seemed satisfied by his new look. He smiled at Mae as she unfastened the cape, and gently removed it off his lap to prevent any stray hair to get onto his clothes. He handed her a bill and headed for the door.

With all that focus on the man earlier, I had neglected my own situation. When I returned my gaze to the mirror, I was shocked at what I saw! Instead of the usual hue of natural black, my hair is now a light, platinum-shaded blonde colour! It was also then Mae returned to check on my hair, and asked me to follow her behind.

Behind a curtain was a washing basin with a seat attached to it. She gestured for me to lie down on the seat, and I did, relaxing my head on the opening of the basin. Warm water soothed my scalp of the stinging pain from the solution earlier as she rinsed it all off. Mae then detached the towel off my neck and wiped my hair to rid of some dampness so that water wouldn’t drip onto my face. The towel was then wrapped around my hair and then I was escorted back to the seat.

She combed my new blonde tresses down straight, and made a centre-parting similar to what she did earlier. Only this time, no solution was going to be added. She took a pair of sharp silver scissors off a pouch she attached around her waist.

With one final comb down my nape, she positioned the scissors slightly below my hairline and made the cut. It felt lighter instantaneously. Mae then continued cutting at my back, but seemed like doing it at an angle this time. Anxiety built as I couldn’t see what was going on behind.

Mae then moved to my left side, and combed my tresses down straight to get a clean cut. This time round, I could get a glimpse of how short it was going to be. She put the scissors to my chin, and made the cut! With a snip, layers of long blonde hair fell into my lap. I restrained the tears as I watched Mae butcher the other side as well. ‘Years of growing, gone in minutes.’ I thought.

A final triangular section was then drawn at the front, and Mae combed it straight down my forehead. It laid down flat, covering my face all the way to my lips. Mae told me to sit straight so she could get an even cut at the front, and so I did, fearful of the thought of getting more chopped off if she couldn’t get it evened out.

The scissors came in at eyebrow level and snapped shut, dislodging off the length all the way from the eyebrow downwards. Lumps of blonde hair had piled up on my lap above the cape. With that final cut, she concluded the haircut.

The haircut gave me a fresh look. The front hair, which the metropolitans have coined as ‘bangs’, helped bring focus to my blue, huge eyes. The chin-length haircut also framed my otherwise roundish face nicely. However, I had a strange fascination overcome me. I wanted to get my head cropped just like that man earlier.

‘Actually, I was hoping you give me the same treatment as that man earlier.’ I daringly requested from Mae. As if in shock, she asked. ‘Why? This new chin-length bob suits you very well!’

‘I’ve had long hair all my life, so I thought that maybe I should try living without any for some time.’ I replied.

She considered my suggestion for a moment, and then answered. ‘Alright, but I will not be held responsible for anything.’ I nodded as if in agreement.

Mae then refastened the cape, this time tighter so that loose hairs won’t go through. ‘This is a clipper, in case you didn’t know what it was.’ Mae said. Although the blonde look wasn’t too shabby, it had to go. She picked up the clipper, and turned it on.

Without further ado, she put it to my forehead, and drove it straight back, leaving a path of blonde stubble behind. I giggled at my odd look. More passes were quickly made over the top, removing any trace of the freshly-cut bob. The cold metal gave an arousing sensation when pushed against the skin, so arousing I could hardly breathe.

With a few final passes, I was left with a head of blonde stubble. The colour was so light that at this length, I looked almost bald. I lifted my hands off the cape and touched my head. The short and soft stubble felt good to the touch, arousing me further.

It was then the door opened again, this time with a silhouette that looked familiar. It was him. It was the boss.

‘So it seems there was a slight change of plan in your makeover. But I love it.’ he expressed.

I couldn’t grow out my hair ever since.


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